#CaseChoice: Trove Storage

By Nicky Rampley-Clarke

Each and every month, we shine a spotlight on the tiny but mighty designs from Case that have become cult favourites with our discerning customers, enabling you to bring the brand home without breaking the bank. This month? Trove, a series of cork storage boxes that isn’t just stylish, but practical, too… 

The topline

Imagine if you had a box for every possible item on your desk. Pens. Notepads. Staplers. Chargers. Allow us to introduce you to Trove: a series of cork boxes that pair understated good looks with unrivalled storage capabilities (given the compact footprint of each box in the collection, that is). Buy one and you’ll want them all.

The design

Conceived by David Irwin, the industrial designer originally from Northern Ireland, Trove offers storage and organisation within a collection of minimal boxes. From a tray to rectangular and square boxes, each is crafted from natural and sustainable cork to create a warm and tactile finish, while minimal components enable them to slot seamlessly together. This makes for a clever modular stacking system that you can customise according to your needs and space.

The function

Enabling you to sort and store your belongings pleasingly out of view, Trove makes for an excellent desk tidy, offering flexibility and personalisation thanks to its series of modular components. Better still, the cork material each box is made from creates a neutral tone to complement any scheme, whether traditional or contemporary. A covetable way to stay clutter-free.

The quote

“I suppose the satisfaction I get from seeing an idea like Trove jump off paper and become a reality is the reason I became a designer in the first place,” says David. “By combining conceptual thinking with fundamental usefulness, I designed this series of stackable boxes to help keep desks clutter-free and aesthetically-pleasing. Crafting such a solution from a sustainable material like cork was also essential in ensuring the design endures.”

The verdict

A clever and compact storage system that’s as sustainable as it is stylish. Better still, you don’t have to invest in the set at once, but can add to your modules over time. 

The pricetag

Ranging from £13 to £21, Trove is aspirational but accessible. Start your collection today.

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