The dining room is often considered the heart of the home. It's a place to relax and indulge, have dinner parties with guests, and spend valuable time with your family. A well-accessorised dining room can help give your space a finished look that feels welcoming and comfortable. Whether you have a spacious dining room or a small nook, there are some simple tricks you can put to use when accessorising your dining room. Read on for our top 5 style tips on how to accessorise your dining room.

Our 4 top tips to help accessorise your dining room

Consider the focal point when designing your space

When accessorising your dining room, you will have an opportunity to have a significant impact on your home’s overall feel. While the room’s main purpose will be based around dinnertime and dining, it can set the mood for other parts of your home with a few design choices. You can use your dining room as an opportunity to add colour, texture, and lighting to help tie other areas of your home together. Find the focal point in your dining room and use it to help set the tone for your room’s feel. In a small dining room, you might want to consider lighting as a focal point. Try to think of the room’s overall mood and then use the room’s space and focal point to help drive your design decisions.

Add a wall mirror to brighten up the room

A mirror can make a dull space seem brighter and fresher than it actually is. If you have a small dining room, try hanging a mirror on the wall that is large enough to reflect the space, but small enough to not make the room feel overwhelmingly smaller than it actually is. Our Lucent Mirror is available in two sizes and is smartly proportioned to fit within any space in the home. While a mirror might not seem like a huge design decision, it can be a simple way to help brighten up your space and add some extra visual interest.

Keep it simple with your accessories

A few key design elements and pieces can help you accessorise your dinnertime in the perfect way. You can keep your accessories simple with pieces, such as kitchenware, tableware, and decorative pieces, that help add the perfect touch of style. Using a few key pieces can help make your dining room feel more complete and help tie your home together. Keeping your accessories simple will keep your dining room functional but stylish.

Wooden table and chairs with tableware accessories

Layer Your Lighting

Illuminate your dining space with light. The general rule of thumb for lighting is to include 3 sources of light: general lighting (overhead), specific lighting (task or table), and ambient lighting (candles & decorative). Layering multiple light sources allows versatility to create different ambiences and, in turn, multiple uses of the same space. Warm white to golden light is ideal for a welcoming ambience.

When it comes to placement of your lighting fixtures, your aim is to create an atmosphere around the table so the rest of the room feels out of focus. To achieve this, base your lighting design around the dining table. Depending on the dining space use a single large [pendant, such as our Sum Pendant, light over a small dining table, use multiple pendants, such as our Core Pendant, in odd numbers, use pendant lights to separate a dining area in an open plan space, to help with ‘zoning’.

Let Case Furniture help you accessorise your dining room

With so many different options to accessorise your dining room, now’s the time to make an impact on your home. Here at Case Furniture we offer a wide range of dining accessories and home accessories to suit your needs. Browse the collection today or alternatively, get in touch with our team who would be happy to help with any questions you have.