There are many different types of outdoor seating to choose from, depending on the kind of space you want to create. Be it designing an outdoor living area, enjoying home-cooked meals alfresco, or finding suitable outdoor seating for your new business venture, we’ve got all the options to turn your garden or outdoor area into a social and comfortable space to relax in.

The benefits of sitting outdoors are extensive. Connect with nature, socialise with family and friends, or get some fresh air and your daily dose of vitamin D! Having a great seating area can tempt us outside more often. It can also add value to your home or be a real customer perk if you run a cafe or restaurant. So if you want to upgrade your outdoor seating area, look at the options below.

Types of Modern Outdoor Seating


An outdoor sofa is something of a luxury. Sinking into something soft and comfortable, stretching out, lounging around - this no longer needs to be a solely indoor pursuit. Whether you want to take a cat nap in the sun or relax under the stars, our outdoor sofas are modern, stylish, weatherproof, and oh so comfortable- so you can enjoy a little of the comforts of indoors in an alfresco setting.

Our Tanso 3-seater sofa is inspired by the simplicity of Japanese furniture and makes a great centrepiece for any outdoor furniture. For something a bit more colourful, our Eos 3-seater sofa comes in a range of colours to suit any garden style.


Modern outdoor sofas


Dining Tables and Chairs

There is nothing more enjoyable than eating delicious food in the fresh air with family and friends. Whether you are king of the BBQ, love a picnic or want to serve a sophisticated dinner party outside, you’ll need a stylish, sturdy, reliable dining table and chairs as your setting.

If you are looking for a robust yet elegant dining table and chairs, our stunning Eos table and Eos chairs hit the mark. Our Eos and Tanso Side Chairs are perfect for smaller spaces, and are fantastic options for restaurants or cafes wishing to set up an outdoor dining space too.

All our outdoor dining chairs are built to last, come in various styles, colours, and finishes, and ooze understated sophistication to perfectly showcase your cool, calm and comfortable setting.


Modern outdoor dining tables and chairs



Whether you are looking for the perfect seating for a home cocktail bar or searching for high-quality, timeless stools for your business, our collection of beautifully crafted stools will not disappoint. Our range of outdoor stools boasts beautiful yet sturdy stools for bars and counters crafted from powder-coated aluminium, meaning they won’t deteriorate over time.


If you want to create a casual yet contemporary look, need a space-saving option, or are looking for some relaxed outdoor seating that’s perfect for bringing people together and entertaining the masses, a humble outdoor bench is a great option. Crafted from quality sourced wood and sturdy metal, our benches not only look stunning in any setting but can be used outdoors, whatever the weather.

Sun Loungers

Relaxing in your outdoor space and soaking up the sun is a luxury we all deserve. Whether you are looking for elegant sun loungers for round the pool, in the garden, or even on a balcony, our collection is where you can discover a range of beautiful sun loungers that effortlessly blend comfort, style, and strength. Our Eos Platform Lounger is a versatile outdoor sun lounger, with a convenient side table to hold your drink while you relax! With discreet wheels for easy mobility, you can follow the sun around your garden from dawn until dusk!

Pick out your New Modern Outdoor Seating today!

These are just some ideas for the best modern outdoor seating solutions. So if you want to create a stylish, welcoming, and inviting outdoor space with some elegant outdoor seating, now is the time to invest.

Have any questions about any of the outdoor seating in our collection? Our customer team is happy to help, so simply get in touch today.