A dining room is rated the second most coveted space that buyers look for in a home. However, those who have them often don't make the most of them.

A dining room can either be the heart of the home or an unused room that is often forgotten about and only used on rare occasions. If yours feels like the latter, or your current dining room isn't looking its best, we've got some dining room ideas to transform the space and turn it into a room your whole family can use and enjoy.

The dining room can be a place where you bring your whole family together, where quality time and meals are shared. It can be a place to enjoy romantic candlelight dinners for two or bustling, decadent dinner parties where you and your friends and family can eat, drink and be merry until the small hours of the morning.

Creating a beautiful dining room

What are some of the best ways to transform your dining space? Here are some creative and practical ideas to create a dining room to be proud of.

Dining room lighting ideas

contemporary pendant lights

In any room in your home, choosing the right lighting is critical; the key here is versatility. During the day, you should keep the room bright and light. The best lighting to use of course, is the natural light flowing into the room. However, creating light by investing in new light fixtures and brighter bulbs can also create a pleasant space for daytime dining. Choosing light-reflecting colours will also bring more light into the room.

During the evening, you may well want to create a more intimate or cosy atmosphere in your dining space. Investing in dimmer switches and lower-level lighting sources, such as floor lamps, table lamps, and candles, can help you remain in control of the lighting to create exactly the right ambience for every occasion.

Luxury dining room ideas

If you want to elevate your dining space and create a sense of elegance, you'll need to pay attention to the details. Achieving a luxurious dining room, built to last will require an investment into quality pieces that show off your unique taste. The dining table itself should make a statement and be crafted from quality materials.

If you've got a larger space to work with, you can be bolder with colour, make brave choices and add statement pieces.

If your dining room is smaller, keep things clutter-free and simple with lots of light or neutral colours, clean lines, and tasteful objets d'art.

Adding textures can add character to a room, so think about how to create contrasting textures to add depth. You can achieve this through tablecloths, plants and flowers, rugs, artwork and carefully selected pieces of furniture for the room.

Dining room wall decor

The walls in your dining room provide ample space for adding your own creativity. Not only should you consider the shade of the walls, but by adding decorative artwork, you will instil colour and interest. You can go for a huge, striking statement piece or several framed pictures or photographs to draw the eye around the room and create a talking point in every corner. Add shelving to walls for extra storage, and display ornaments, plants, and additional lighting.

Dining room furniture ideas

A dining table typically acts as the main focal point in the room. You want a table that makes a statement but doesn't look at odds with the rest of the room. Consider the material of your dining table, such as wood, metal, or glass, to ensure it compliments your existing interior. You should also ensure that the dining table is in proportion with the rest of the room and fills the space nicely without looking cramped. See our complete buying guide on how to choose a dining table here.

Dining chairs are also an opportunity to make a statement in the dining room as well as adding texture and pops of colour. Choosing your dining chairs is an important decision as you’ll want something that’s comfortable without compromising on style.

If you have a larger space, you may wish to bring in other items of furniture to create a sophisticated and stylish space. An elegant sideboard or dresser, for example, may fit well in the room. You could also add a couple of armchairs and a coffee table to create the perfect spot to retire to after a meal. Classic or contemporary floor lamps can also help to create ambience and will give your dining room a cosy feel.

Maximising space

dark wooden dining table and chairs

A cluttered or cramped dining room will make it difficult to relax in the space fully. A dining room should be a place where you enjoy your culinary efforts, so you need to plan your dining room carefully. If you are short on space, selecting a dining table with bench seating can help to claim back some room, and dining benches can be neatly tucked under the table when not in use.

It's also important to consider the shape and layout of your room. A round dining table will fit perfectly into a bay window or empty corner, making the best use of the space available. An extending table may be another tempting option as it can be kept smaller for day-to-day use but still gives the option of entertaining more guests once extended.

Dining room colour schemes

Muted, earthy tones remain popular for many households, with browns, whites, greys, and beiges being the most popular tones and reflecting an ongoing trend for a more natural look. While beiges and browns make an excellent base for any dining room interior, if you prefer more colourful interiors, there is no reason why you can't make some bold choices. A brightly coloured room can add a sense of fun while remaining striking and sophisticated. Rich, darker shades look more luxurious and are excellent for those trying to create a more lavish interior.

Dining room themes

wooden dining table and benches

If you want to create a particular theme in your home or the dining room itself, this will naturally influence your design and decoration ideas. Some of the most popular interior design themes include:


Modern designs give a great deal of thought to the layout and architecture of a room, combining aesthetic beauty with function and simplicity.


A style that gained traction post-WWII, the mid-century style is characterised by bold colour palettes, crisp, clean lines and integrating aspects of nature into the home.


The minimalist style is popular with those who love a sense of openness and space. The focus here is on quality, unfussy statement pieces rather than more complicated designs.

Dining room flooring

While you might wish to focus your efforts on your dining room wall decor and accessories, paying attention to your flooring can make a big difference to the overall appearance of the space. Something as simple as adding an elegant rug underneath your dining table can completely change the look and feel of the room. A rug can add warmth and texture to create a more homely atmosphere, a pop of colour for rooms needing some life, or simply add a finishing touch that compliments your current decor.

Accessories for dining rooms

Often the simplest accessories can make the most significant impact. Choose your accessories carefully, and if in doubt, keep things simple. A stunning wall mirror, for example, can add light and depth to the room as well as a touch of elegance. Choose your kitchenware wisely and keep your statement pieces out for display. Even something as simple as a well-placed candle in a stylish candle holder can create a more refined look with minimal effort.

Discover more ideas on how to decorate a dining table.

Comfort and functionality are essential

Whether you plan to use your dining room for fancy dinner parties or cosy weeknight family meals doesn't matter - comfort and functionality must be prioritised. Having a perfectly styled dining space will only serve as a great room in your home if you actually use it. Making sure your room feels spacious, with enough room to dine in comfort and take time over your meals, will benefit everyone in the long run. So select chairs you’ll be able to sit in for hours and a large enough dining table to suit your needs.

Final words

These artistic dining room ideas should provide some inspiration for anyone looking to breathe new life into their dining space. At Case Furniture, we work with our designers to create timeless, contemporary dining tables, accessories and furnishings that are built to last. If you are looking to restyle your dining room, browse our collections today.