Designed with a contemporary and elegant aesthetic, the Cañadío Restaurant in Santander offers sophisticated and creative cooking, with inspiration from the local town.

In conjunction with Zooco Estudio, we supplied the Oki-Nami Chair by Nazanin Kamali, and the Profile Chair by Matthew Hilton which they chose due to the simplicity of the design and quality of the materials.

Access to the Cañadío is through a large 'pinchos' bar, backed with grocery shelving, which extends to the kitchen and onto the private dining room. Dark wood is applied on vertical surfaces while the light wood is present in the furniture.

Designed with a spatial and aesthetic character, the Restaurant Cañadío is "a space to transmit order and hierarchies, in which each zone is provided with the necessary elements for the enjoyment of visitors", says María Larriba from Zooco Estudio.

With constructive elements dating back to the early twentieth century, including solid brick arches and pillars, the dining room is located in a former oil distillery. Oak flooring extends into the side walls, and light textiles and oak wood furniture creates a simple and elegant space.

Designed by Nazanin Kamali, the Oki-Nami Chair is a contemporary chair which reflects the craftsmanship, proportion and attention to detail found in Japanese creative industries. Designed to be comfortable and durable for restaurant environments it was shortlisted for the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards in 2009.

Designed by Matthew Hilton, the Profile Chair is an elegant solid timber chair with an upholstered soft leather seat. A well-proportioned subtle design with a recessed back make this dining chair extremely comfortable.