According to research by pasta brand Giovanni Rana, the average table will witness nearly 2,500 meals in its lifetime. There is no doubt that we spend a lot of time sitting around our dinner tables, but when they aren’t in use, they can look a little unloved. Paying attention to styling your dining table can add warmth and interest and really elevate your space. Of course, your dining table itself will be a crucial feature in creating that designer look, so make sure you invest wisely. As interior writer Cate St Hill says “My ethos is really grounded in investing in less, but better – prioritising simplicity, sustainability and design built to last”.

Styling your dining table well can boost your interior design credentials and create a focal point that really draws the eye. Are you looking for some day-to-day tips to keep your dining table looking stylish and sophisticated? Perhaps you want to wow your dinner party guests with a uniquely styled dining table that will keep them talking? Either way, our top tips provide you with food for thought to elevate your dining table.

Styling your dining table

In this article, we will show you different ways to style your dining table. Whether you prefer a more minimalist or eclectic feel for the dining area, there is something for everyone here.

Add Colour With Flowers

round wooden light table and chairs

An easy way to add colour and freshness to your dining table is by bringing the outside inside, through flowers or plants. The beautiful colours and textures will instantly liven up the space and add interest, plus, the great thing about flowers is that you can change them often to create different looks and moods as you see fit.

Seasonal flowers such as daffodils and tulips can create a bright and lively ambience, or you can select arrangements that match the seasons, such as oranges and neutrals in the autumn months and deep reds and crisp whites in winter.

If you prefer a more rustic look, you can use a bouquet of wildflowers or a potted plant. For more sophisticated occasions, opt for striking bouquets such as roses or orchids. Don’t forget about vases too - vases can add colour and become ornamental in their own right - with or without flowers in them.

Lay Down A Rug Or Area Rug

When styling your dining table, you naturally need to consider the wider area and observe your current decor and colour scheme to ensure that how you decorate and style your dining table doesn’t jar or look at odds with the rest of the room. The same goes for the floor space below your table. An easy way to notch up some serious style points is by laying a rug in your dining space. This instantly creates a more homely look. Choose a rug that compliments your table so consider the material and overall look you are going for before you buy.

Invest In Tablecloths & Runners

Give a nod to the Nordic look by adding texture and depth to your table with a berber or faux fur rug. Draping this style of tablecloth over your dining table instantly adds warmth and effortless style and looks particularly admirable over wooden tables to create a rustic yet stylish finish that works exceptionally well during the winter months.

Table linens can also be an excellent way to stamp your style while simultaneously protecting your table from stains and scratches. Make sure you choose a high-quality material and colours that complement your current decor for that subtle-but-effective designer touch.

When it comes to adding a tablecloth or runner, you can switch these up whenever you feel like a change or, again, follow the seasons with your choice of colours or textures to allow your interiors to effortlessly flow from one season to the next.

Add Lighting To Brighten The Space

contemporary pendant lights

Another way to give your dining area a designer feel is by paying attention to the lighting. Changing up your lighting will not only create a different ambience but can also add a striking feature and highlight your dining table as a focal point in the room. When it comes to dining table lighting, the world is your oyster. You can add a chandelier for a luxurious and opulent look or a pendant lamp, or hanging bulbs above the table for a more industrial feel. You can also experiment with a cordless table lamp if you don’t want to install something permanent and want to create an intimate restaurant-like feel.

Invest in placemats and coasters

Invest in placemats and coasters to get the designer look with minimal effort. High-quality placemats and coasters will not only protect your table but can add colour and style too. The key here is to invest in high-quality and well-made products and choose items that work well with the material of your dining table. Wicker placemats, for example, work well on wooden tables if trying to achieve a rustic yet contemporary look. Wicker on glass, however, could look at odds with one another, and ceramic or stone placemats and coasters will look much better on this table type.

Table Toppings & Ornaments

candlesticks and candles

Decorating your table can be a true pleasure and a chance to show off your unique tastes. When not in use, a dining table can be a great surface to place carefully chosen table toppings, ornaments, and objets d’art. Create an atmosphere and additional lighting with high-quality candles and elegant candle holders. Even something simple and stylish such as a designer wooden chopping board or serving board, can add texture and warmth to the dining space without becoming cluttered or overwhelming.

Consider a theme

Your dining table decor should be well thought out, and you can do this by working towards a particular theme that you can then carry throughout the rest of the room. Some typical themes include Contemporary, Farmhouse, Natural, Mid-century, and Scandinavian. There are many themes you can choose from, and selecting one will then help to inform your choices of styling for your dining table and the wider room.

Work with (not against) your material and colour scheme

Without completely overhauling your current dining room interior, you’ll naturally need to consider what style elements already exist in the space and work with, not against them. The material your dining table is crafted from will undoubtedly heavily influence your choice of dining table decoration. You should also factor in the current colour scheme of the room. Many neutral colours and tones will create a warm and elegant ambience, so choose items that enhance this. Darker, richer colours may work better with a more opulent or decedent-themed room, so you can select objects and decor that add to this sense of grandeur.

Don’t forget about functionality!

“Gone are the days when it felt like an essential that you have a full suite of matching furniture…look for an investment table that will work with any dining seat so that you can change the look as and when you feel like it” Lisa Dawson.

Functionality, of course, must play a crucial role in how you will style your dining table. It’s all very well striving for a designer look, but if you use your dining table frequently, you aren’t going to want to have to constantly decorate and then un-decorate the space when you want to sit down and eat. Choose items that can stay put or are easily moved when the table is in use to ensure that you end up with a beautifully styled dining table that doesn’t interfere with your everyday life.

Style your Dining Table with Case Furniture

If you hope to create a dining table that stands out, follow the tips above to style your dining table like a designer while continuing to be able to use your dining table with ease. At Case Furniture, we are proud to showcase a collection of innovative dining tables and other dining room furniture created by our award-winning designers, who have focused on quality, practicality, and effortless, understated style. If you want to decorate your dining table with minimal effort, browse our dining accessories collection too.