Are you ready to give your bedroom a redesign? If your bedroom looks a little tired of late, or you've moved house and are hoping to redecorate to make the space your own, it might be time to look at your options. Creating an interior design plan can help ensure your vision comes together and looks as well-executed in person as it does on paper.

Since we spend around one third of our lives sleeping or at least attempting to get to sleep, creating a tranquil yet stylish bedroom is a must.

If you wish to opt for an on-trend look, pulling together style ideas for a contemporary bedroom from soft furnishings to colour schemes, we’ll give you plenty of inspiration.

Before you begin, it's essential to define what contemporary style is. Often used interchangeably with 'modern,' when it comes to interiors, the two are entirely different. 'Modern' design describes the futuristic styles that emerged from the 1920s to the 1950s. However, contemporary style is whatever is 'in vogue,' right now and offers a timeless look that can merge seamlessly with other interior styles.

If you love a contemporary look and want to create a stylish, sophisticated bedroom that blends functionality with striking interior design, browse our contemporary bedroom ideas below for inspiration to curate the perfect look for your room.

Contemporary bedroom style ideas - what to consider?

Before you begin restyling your bedroom, there are a few things you should take into consideration. Measuring the room to get an accurate idea of the space you have to work with will help you determine where each piece of furniture can go and what you have room for. You'll want to ensure you have all the furniture you need and ample storage without making the space feel or appear cramped.

Choose your bed first

Valentine Bed in Black Stain

Naturally, the most essential piece of furniture in your bedroom is going to be your bed. Choosing a contemporary bed will combine innovative design, great aesthetics, and superior comfort. Your bed is your sanctuary, a place to rest and re-energise, so taking your time over this choice is vital. Picking a comfortable bed will undoubtedly be the most critical factor, but you'll also want to consider the design. Do you prefer a soft fabric headboard or a robust wooden one? Do you wish your bed to be closer to the ground or elevated? Carefully considering both the practicalities of your bed and the design features will ensure you make the right choice.

Pick out your bedroom furniture

Celine Desk in oak

Celine Desk in oak

Whatever your unique taste, your selection of bedroom furniture must complement your choice of bed and should work in harmony with one another to create a contemporary finish. Many furniture designs fall under the 'contemporary banner,' such as minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired, or industrial. There is no one correct answer regarding contemporary furniture. You can decide upon the look you are trying to create and build this up piece by piece.

This is different from saying that every piece of furniture you choose for your contemporary bedroom needs to match. Rather, it is important to make sure that all the items you choose have a common theme, which adds to the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Once you have picked out your bedroom furniture, you’ll need to figure out how to arrange it. Make sure you have a place for everything and don’t overcrowd your bedroom with pieces. Discover more inspiration and tips on how to arrange your bedroom furniture to create a modern look.

Decide upon your colour scheme

Valentine Bed in oak

Valentine Bed in oak

Contemporary colour schemes typically entail a more neutral base palette, including beiges, whites, creams, and browns with additional colours built in. You can keep your decor fairly neutral if you prefer to let the furniture stand out, or you can choose to add highlights of colour to draw the eye. Neutral tones such as grey, charcoal and brown shades can create an elegant, understated look that exudes sophistication. Livelier, brighter, bolder colours can make a statement, adding a personal touch and a sense of fun to the room.

Accessorise and personalise

Spindle Rug in warm grey

Spindle Rug in Warm Grey

Once you have decided upon your colour scheme and picked out your furniture pieces, you'll then be able to introduce more personal touches that make your style uniquely yours. Soft furnishings such as mirrors, throws, curtains, rugs, and cushions can be a great way of defining your personal taste and adding colour and texture. You can also use plants, ornaments, objet d'art and artwork to bring in some nature or add interest to the room. Be creative and opt for a few statement pieces rather than cluttering up your space and potentially confusing your style with many smaller touches.

Add lighting

Mouro Light In White

Mouro Lamp in White

Proper lighting will ensure that your bedroom remains bright and airy rather than dull and gloomy, which is key to creating a contemporary look. If you do not have enough natural light in your bedroom, ensure you choose bright bulbs to light the space adequately. Investing in stylish table or floor lamps can also ensure you have different options to set the mood and get the ambiance just right.

Remember, less is more

No matter how many stylish pieces you have in your bedroom, if it looks cramped and cluttered, it will detract from the aesthetic. Make sure you leave plenty of floor space and keep the room as light and spacious as possible. If this means making tough decisions about which furniture you have in your bedroom, so be it. For smaller rooms, look for space-saving items such as cleverly incorporated shelving and storage such as a Tall Boy to ensure you can keep your belongings out of sight without taking up too much room.

Discover our contemporary bedroom ideas and furniture at Case today

Creating a contemporary space is about knowing what works in your home, being true to your taste, and deciding upon a theme. By planning your room in advance, you can ensure that the result is a bedroom you love.

At Case Furniture, we are proud to work with innovative designers and renowned manufacturers who deliver the best in quality bedroom furniture and accessories. Browse our range of contemporary bedroom furniture, or get in touch with our team to allow us to help you pick the perfect pieces to realise your vision.