Located on the Cornish coast, Polurrian Bay Villas were developed in 2018 and offer outstanding panoramic sea views over Mounts Bay. Designed by Hugo da Silva, the interiors feature original, Cornwall-inspired artwork on the walls and designer fixtures and fastenings throughout, bringing a layer of warmth and reflecting the elements of the coastal surroundings.    Case supplied the Bridge Extending Table designed by Matthew Hilton and the brand new Sip Plant Pot by Ann Kristen Einarsen to the interiors. We spoke to designer Hugo da Silva to find out more about the project:  

Case: What were your inspirations when designing the space?

Hugo: The Cornish Lizard coast, blending grey rocks with multicoloured vegetation had definitely a strong impact when designing the interiors. That mixture was used to reflect a sense of presence into the space through the elements and colours, textures and patterns, bringing in a layer of warmth and blending a distinct feel with the external surroundings.    

Case: What do you like about the Bridge Table and Sip Plant Pots and how did these products fit into the design scheme?

Hugo: The Bridge Dining Table was chosen very early on for the project, the softness of the lines and natural feel were matching perfectly with what we intended to communicate. The Sip plant pots were added later but proved to be a smart styling addition to the interiors. 


Bridge Extending Table by Matthew Hilton

Case: Would you use these products for future projects?

Hugo: Absolutely. The Sip pots look like they are going to be an essential finishing detail for our future projects.