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Bouclé is the perfect contradiction. On-trend yet timeless. Soft but rugged. Both cocooning and comforting, it envelops like a hug, while being irresistibly soft to the touch. Just try and stop yourself from brushing your fingertips along its bumpy surface clad over the undulating curves or the bolstered arm of a sofa. It’s lovingly crafted from looped fabric using a composite of luxurious materials to give it a distinctive look and feel. Calling to the mind the signature textures of French fashion houses, it’s loved as much for its aesthetics as its durability, pairing well with curved forms and natural colours.  


All are colours are used in the following ranges: Ella Lounge Chair and Ottoman, Linn, Nordin and René

Grey and Navy are available in the following ranges: Linn, Nordin and René

Composition: 34% viscose, 33% acrylic, 17% wool, 8% polyester, 4% flax, 4% cotton

Martindale Rub Count: 50,000


With a geometric weave and a subtle sheen, Elum is a contemporary fabric that looks to the future. It’s got a smart and sophisticated edge, inspiring relaxed formality, with a luxurious surface and lustrous presence that’s beautifully- and meticulously-crafted. Designed to endure for lightyears to come, it’s as seasoned as it is glamorous, featuring tightly-woven fibres with cutting-edge technology that resist spills and stains. An attack on its surface would prove futile. Cool to the touch, like the moon, Elum marries a solar-system of materials to create something truly spectacular, enhanced by the benefits of its star-studded parts.


Used in the following ranges: 675


Composition: 37% wool, 20% viscose, 12% polyester, 11% cotton, 9% nylon, 9% linen, 2% acrylic

Martindale Rub Count: 35,000


Tactile under your fingertips with a satisfying texture, Miriam recalls the strong but lightweight materials of a weathered beach house in a tropical storm, while being soft and homely at the same time. A combination of mostly linen and cotton, it benefits from the properties of both, being highly durable, absorbent and breathable. Come summer, you’ll find it light and cooling, while during the winter it comforts and cocoons. Miriam is a timeless material and a natural beauty that transcends seasons or trends.


Used in the following ranges: Stanley


Composition: 41% linen, 44% cotton, 12% acrylic, 3% alternative fabric

Martindale Rub Count: 20,000

Pebble Weave

Be welcomed by the warmest embrace with Pebble Weave. Like coming home to a hug from a long-lost friend, a composition of different materials combines to create a cocooning fabric. Soft and sumptuous, it’s a textural feast for the senses, featuring a surface that’s irresistibly tactile under the fingertips. Run yours along its subtle bumps as it envelops you in comfort. Not only does its visible weave make it a luxurious choice – keeping you cosy on even the coldest of nights – but it affords it reassuring longevity, too. Sure to rub you up the right way, Pebble Weave is a sensory overload, in all the right ways.

Used in the following ranges: Linn, Nordin, René and Kelston

Composition: 42% viscose, 38% cotton, 14% acrylic, 6% polyester

Martindale Rub Count: 30,000

Raise Leather

Replicating the raw character of natural hide while being easier to love and care for, thanks to a light coating on its surface that still allows its grain to shine and doesn’t supress its wild, rugged character. Reinventing the fabrics of times gone by for contemporary homes – once protecting our ancestors from the elements and providing a touch of luxury – the tough and tactile material is a smart and stylish choice. Buttery-soft, it’s got surprising stretch and give that mean it only looks better with age, sure to withstand the toughest of audiences.

Used in the following ranges: Linn, Nordin, René and Kelston

Composition: Aniline leather

Textured Cotton

Smoother than linen, the tight weave of Textured Cotton makes it a treat for upholstering, providing a sleek and streamlined finish to furniture. It’s super-soft, too, beckoning you to glide your hand along its beautifully tactile surface. Breathable and lightweight, it’s a dream in the summer months, while natural insulation provides warmth and comfort during winter. Natural, earthy colours only enhance its beauty.


Used in the following ranges: Linn, Nordin, René and Odyssey


Composition: 75% recycled cotton, 25% polyester

Martindale Rub Count: 30,000