Are you hoping to modernise your dining room? Whatever your style and taste, plenty of ideas can help make the most of your space, create a fresh new look, and bring your dining room into the 21st Century. So if your dining room is looking a little tired of late, what ways can you refresh it to give it a sleek, intelligent, and sophisticated new look? In this article, we'll explore some of the tried and tested techniques that help bring your modern dining room ideas to life.

Modern dining room ideas - our top tips

Pay attention to lighting

When it comes to modernising any room in your home, choosing the right lighting is key. During the day, you'll want to keep the room bright, inviting as much natural light as possible. If the space doesn't benefit from a lot of natural light, you might wish to invest in some new lighting and brighter bulbs. However, when it comes to using your dining room in the evening, you may wish to create a more intimate or cosy atmosphere. In this case, having lower-level lighting sources, such as lamps and even candles, can help create an inviting and elegant ambiance for evening dining.

Create more space

Clutter and a lack of space are the enemies of modern design, so you need to plan your dining room carefully. If you are short on space, selecting a dining table with bench seating might be a smart move. Dining Benches take up less room, and it's easy for the benches to be pushed under the table when not in use, giving you more space to enjoy. Depending on the shape and layout of the room, a round dining table could also be an excellent choice if you have a bay window or empty corner. You could also opt for a sleek extending table which can be kept smaller when not in use and then expand when you are entertaining.

Make the dining table a focal point

The dining table can be a fantastic focal point when it comes to modern dining room design ideas. Choose your dining table with care, as it can transform the entire room's look and elevate it into a sophisticated and stylish space. Simple, understated elegance will always look fantastic, regardless of the style of the room. Dining tables crafted from solid wood, with clean lines and minimal aesthetic, can create a significant style impact while providing plenty of space and comfort too.

Modern Dining Room Table with Wooden Furniture

Choose your colour scheme with care

A contemporary colour scheme can be bold and fun or muted and understated. However, it's essential to understand which shades complement one another and to be sure that your colours won't look dated over time. A neutral colour palette can work well in modern design, and if you enjoy more colour you can inject this into soft furnishings and ornaments to create a fun and contemporary look. Our dining room furniture comes in a range of colours to suit any style.

Combine comfort and style

Whether you are hosting a fancy dinner party or having a weeknight family meal, you'll no doubt want everyone sitting around the dining table to feel relaxed and comfortable. However, you may be worried that comfort and contemporary design don't always go hand in hand. It is possible to create a modern look without sacrificing comfort. Choosing well-made, beautifully crafted dining chairs can be a stunning feature while also providing enough room and the perfect shape to sit for hours and enjoy delicious food and great company.

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