Modern & contemporary pendant lights that create ambiance

Crafted with quality and care, our contemporary pendant lights can add the perfect ambiance to any space. Whether this is above a dining table used for entertaining or a kitchen island for cooking and eating meals at the bar. If you want to make a statement, designs like the Sum Pendant are a great choice. If you’re looking for either a single pendant light or a cluster to illuminate your space, try the Core Pendant designed by Terence Woodgate.

Our collection has unique pendant lighting designs that will complement a range of interiors and rooms. Discover the Solid Downlight Pendant, perfect to go over a master bed, or the Solid Pendant that works well in a dressing room.

At Case, we work with world-renowned furniture designers to create our specialist contemporary pendant lighting range and other modern furniture designs. Looking for other innovatively crafted pieces to complete your home? Head to our inspiration section, where you’ll find ideas on how to style contemporary furniture for any room in your home.

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