In celebration of International Women’s Day, we explore the work of 5 influential designers at Case, delving deeper into their creative process, as they reveal what good design means to them.


Eleanor Pritchard : UK

As a contemporary weaver, Eleanor Pritchard’s designs are acclaimed for their use of pattern and colour in a modern interpretation of traditional British textile techniques. Extensive visual research underpins her practice, whilst her designs often play with repeat patterns and geometric forms. Known primarily for her fabric and upholstery designs, Pritchard developed her first rug collection exclusively for Case. Drawing inspiration from Mid-Century design, the range features her signature graphic style in petrol blues and dark greys.  


Ann Kristin Einarsen : Norway


Having spent her childhood in Norway’s rural North, the natural environment has been a constant source of inspiration for Einarsen’s work. After training in multiple craft techniques, she discovered her passion for ceramics and began to explore varied forms of sculpture, installation and functional design products. Currently based in Oslo, Einarsen’s approach to design stems from constant testing, discussion and experimentation. In the Sip Plant Pot Collection different clays have been mixed to achieve a unique colour palette of earthy tones across the range of self-watering planters.    


Marina Bautier : Belgium


Simple structures and functional form are at the core of Bautier’s design philosophy. Her designs are discreet with the focus on quality and attention to detail. Bautier’s creative process begins with an observation of daily activities, developing furniture to improve and enhance our lives at home. She gives priority to a streamlined aesthetic and enjoys working with wood due to its warmth and sustainable properties. Bautier designed the Lap Shelving collection for Case as a contemporary storage solution with modular forms, allowing multiple combinations. The range is made up of sectional units in a fully customizable and flexible design that can adapt to smaller or larger spaces.  


Nazanin Kamali : UK


A founding member of Case, Nazanin Kamali has designed several key furniture pieces integral to our collection. Her contemporary designs reflect the precision detail and calming aesthetics found in Japanese arts. Whilst a deep interest in craftsmanship and intricate forms provide the driving force for her creative process. With a streamlined form, the Celine Desk by Nazanin Kamali, offers a modern solution for busy workspaces, both at home and in the office. With compact proportions, the design features integrated storage and angled legs, echoing the mid-century style.  

Patricia Perez : Spain


Driven by a curiosity for how things are made, Patricia Perez loves to visit workshops and factories to watch the machinery and engineering in action. The design process begins by referencing artworks and architecture, whilst collecting colours, materials and shapes that inspire her. Perez has designed the Mouro Lamp exclusively for Case, which plays with geometric forms in a contemporary and versatile, portable light. Mouro is the name of the lighthouse in Perez’s hometown, which served as the main point of reference for this design.