“When it came to our collaboration with Case,” says British-Norwegian design duo Jenkins&Uhnger, “we had a shared vision, a sense of pragmatism about the design of a product and how it’s used, plus the same values around good quality furniture that’s built to last.” 



Established in 2015 by Thomas Jenkins and Sverre Uhnger, the Oslo-based design studio has recently created the Linn Sofa exclusively for Case, a loose-cushioned style cleverly reimagined for both casual and formal occasions. For anyone who’s ever been shopping for the perfect sofa, you’ll know how hard such a piece is hard to find, especially when you don’t want to compromise on comfort or style. The makers say of their masterpiece: “With its appealing visual comfort, Linn is designed to be inviting and welcoming. Emphasising balance and proportion, the sofa’s classic shape fits a range of different environments, while bolster and side cushions allow the homeowner to play with its arrangement. Ideal support when entertaining, they are easily removed, offering ample space for kicking-back and relaxing…”  



British-born Thomas and Norwegian-born Sverre launched their eponymous studio more than seven years ago as an “evening project” – or side-hustle – while they continued to work full-time at their respective jobs. An early table they collaborated on gained attention when it was shown at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York and things soon snow-balled to become the full-time studio it is today. As with the best partnerships, both founders bring something unique to the table – quite literally. Thomas says: “Sverre is a trained cabinetmaker – he’s jokingly called ‘Dr. Wood’ because he knows everything about woodworking – while I’m from an engineering background. Coming from different ends of the design spectrum, both Sverre and I complement each other with our different knowledge bases and skill sets, from traditional craft to contemporary design and technical expertise. Above all, we work incredibly well together.”  



Linn is the first piece of furniture that Jenkins&Uhnger has created for Case. As with everything the studio designs, emotion is at its core, overlaid with functionality. Sverre explains: “There is the need to attract someone to a design as soon as they see it. After that, there is a need to balance this attraction with the longevity of the product. And so, the loose quality of Linn is designed to be inviting and welcoming, without appearing like a crumpled duvet.” He continues: “We thought about the loose cushions as a way of setting Linn apart. So many of today’s sofas are strict in terms of their finished form. We wanted our design to have a dual function. When friends visit, you don’t want a sofa that’s so deep that you almost disappear into it, and so we sought a happy medium between formal and informal.” As well as striking the right balance aesthetically, the modular sofa is practical, too, available as a two- or three-seater, with chaise options on both sides, to suit the size of your family and space.    


As you’d expect, sustainability is as important to Thomas and Sverre as style. Thomas says: “We talk a lot about the longevity of what we work on and the lifespan of a piece once it’s been purchased by someone. There’s a requirement to create an emotional bond between the owner and the object. We look at how we can achieve this within the form and function of something. It’s not just about having the wow-factor, whereby someone might only enjoy something for a short period of time, but building a sense of longevity through an emotional relationship. Made well and built to last: that’s our motto and how we create that bond.”  

Drawing on inspiration from everything and anything, from the natural world to the digital space, Jenkins&Uhnger has created a sofa for Case that transcends seasons and trends to truly stand the test of time. An investment piece that will add instant style and comfort to any space.