#CaseChoice: Orb Grinder

By Nicky Rampley-Clarke

In our inspiring new series, we shine a spotlight on the small but perfectly formed designs from Case that have developed something of a cult following, enabling you to take a little piece of the brand home without breaking the bank. First up, the Orb Grinder, much-loved on social media for good reason. Now all you need to do is cook something worthy…

The topline

Consider the Orb Grinder as the secret ingredient in chef-style cooking. More than just a salt and pepper mill, it’s an objet d’art for your kitchen worktop, combining jaw-dropping aesthetics with spot-on practicality. Display in the centre of the table for a real conversation-starter at dinner – sure to break the ice amongst even the frostiest of strangers.

The design

Designed by Gareth Neal out of his eponymous East London studio, the Orb Grinder is crafted from solid beech for a Scandi look, featuring a distinctive cylindrical base and spherical top. The result is an organic form that fits your grip perfectly and feels smooth under the fingertips. It perfectly encapsulates Gareth’s signature combination of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary techniques.

The function

The jewel in the crown is the ceramic CrushGrind mechanism that enables the coarseness of the grind to be adjusted with a simple turn of the wheel at the base. Fine pepper for delicate spicing; coarse pepper for fire and heat. How many grinders can lay claim to such bespoke seasoning? Guests will be hard-pressed to resist over-seasoning…

The quote

Gareth says: “I’m committed to creating uniquely crafted objects. Sometimes, I think the most beautiful designs can be found in smaller, surprising items such like a simple salt and pepper mill, as form can often be overlooked in favour of function. You season your food every day, so make the item you do it with beautiful as well as practical, and you’ll get so much pleasure from it. We’re proud of the Orb Grinder as we think it strikes the perfect balance. Treat yourself or someone else to everyday beauty.”

The verdict

A designer product for professional results. Why shouldn’t you season your food with something gorgeous?

The pricetag

A mere snip at £50 for expert seasoning.

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