2LG (2 Lovely Gays) is an Interior Design studio founded by Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead. Together the creative due have become leading names in interior design, renowned for their simple, elegant and functional style and signature use of colour. With one eye on the past and the other on the future, they believe that each element of your space should have a voice of its own and speak about you in some way. We caught up with Jordan and Russell to find out how they've incorporated the Narin Folding Chair into their home over the festive season.

We love to entertain at home, as you will know if you’ve seen our recent posts about our dining room, but who hasn’t had that unexpected guest turn up at the last minute – or even an expected guest who tips your max number of bums-on-seats at the dinner table over the edge. The Narin Folding Chair by David Irwin for Case Furniture is a simple beast at first glance. But it packs a punch in terms of form and function. When we were approached by Case Furniture, a brand that we have loved for years but never quite got round to working with, we must confess to being somewhat surprised at the piece of furniture that they wanted to share with us. A humble folding chair. But on further inspection (and after extensive use with our young nephews at a recent family dinner we held) we have found it to be an indispensable item of furniture that we never knew we needed until we had one.  


"Everything I do is about reducing unnecessary form, but it's about finding that tension between stripping things back and bringing out the character, not going too far, where you take the value and beauty out of it." - David Irwin



Memories of rushing upstairs at mum's request to pull the rather heavy and ugly spare chair from the junk room are gone as the Narin pulls off the rare feat of being a folding chair that is actually functional and beautiful in its own right.


Slipping this streamlined, but characterful piece down the side of our vintage counter in our dining room is easy and will now be a regular at our dinner parties when we need to seat more than 8. It beats running around trying to find a suitable box or stool and drawing straws for who gets to sit on that during dinner. (usually it’s one of us, but now we can proudly give a guest this beautiful chair). Obviously, we don’t normally get over enthusiastic about a folding chair and it certainly took us a moment to get it, but once we saw it in the flesh, matching our beloved walnut dining table by Gareth Neal, we really can’t help but sing its praises, especially to anyone with space issues or transformative spaces in the city. They are even more pleasing in a group as the slot together perfectly. Check them out here in all the different colour options Case Furniture offer.    

It even made its way into our sitting room after dinner for a more relaxed drink and game of cards around the coffee table. We often find that the sofa and armchair don’t offer enough spaces for all of our dinner guests so again it’s a cushion on the floor for us, while we offer our guests the sofa. Not anymore! Hello Narin. Welcome to 2LG towers. It seems rather unexpectedly that every home may need one. Especially at Christmas. Happy folding x