Choosing a bedside table may seem simple; however, with so many different styles, sizes, colours, and designs out there, you might soon realise that making a decision that will complement your bedroom is more complicated than anticipated. There are many factors to consider when choosing a bedside table, and picking the right one for your needs can improve your comfort and add style and interest to the room.

Ideally, your bedside table will have enough surface space to accommodate a lamp and other essential bedside items, such as a glass of water, phone, pillow spray, or book. It might not seem like much, but having these items to hand can make your bedtime routine a much more pleasant one. You'll need to consider how much space you have to spare, and if you have a smaller bedroom, there are small bedside table solutions, such as slimmer options with drawers to house all those essential items that you might need to reach for before you go to sleep.

If you are looking for inspiration for bedside table ideas and decor options, we've listed some of the different styles and designs available to influence your decision.

How to make the right choice for your bedside tables

Cross Side Table in oak

Cross Side Table in oak

Before committing to a particular style, measure the space you have to fit your bedside table to quickly eliminate those that won't work for your area. You should also consider what items you like to have to hand come bedtime - these are different for everyone. Thinking about this now will save you from purchasing the wrong kind of bedside table and ending up with a cluttered, unsightly mess in your bedroom. Once you know your measurements and the type of storage you might require, it's time to consider the style of bedside table that will best fit in with your current bedroom decor.

Modern bedside tables

Modern bedside tables are a popular choice for anyone who wants to keep their bedroom looking stylish, comfortable, and contemporary. Modern bedside tables tend to have clean lines and minimal fuss and are made with high-quality, robust materials with subtle features.

Minimalist bedside tables

Similar but different to modern, minimalist bedside tables are ideal for those who love their bedroom as a haven of tranquillity to relax and unwind in. A minimalist design is ideal for those who like to keep things simple with lots of space and serenity. Minimalist bedside tables strip everything back to the basics, with clean lines - creating a sleek, eye-catching look that still ticks all the boxes in terms of functionality.

Retro bedside tables

Inject some charm into your bedroom with a retro bedside table that gives a nod to the past. Retro bedside tables can be crafted to mimic a particular era (the '50s, '60s, '70s, and so on) or can be replicas of the real thing. If your current bedroom decor is themed around a particular decade or style from the past, a retro bedside table that matches will enhance the room and give you extra style points simultaneously.

Rustic bedside tables

A rustic theme can add warmth and light to your bedroom, creating a calm and cosy atmosphere. Rustic bedside tables are typically made from natural materials such as wicker, wood, or bamboo and work well against a neutral colour pallet.

Scandi style bedside tables

Scandi-style furniture offers a balance between comfort, modernism, and functionality. Scandi bedside tables are typically understated yet sophisticated in design, with either light, natural colours or darker, muted tones that give recognition to the Nordic landscapes that inspired them.

Traditional bedside tables

A more traditional bedside table might appeal to you if you prefer a classic and timeless aesthetic. Traditional furniture combines symmetry and balance and uses rich wooden tones or plush fabrics to give the room a sense of luxury. Traditional style furniture has remained in vogue since the 1600s and isn't likely to go out of fashion any time soon.

Statement bedside tables

If you fancy something a little different, you can think more creatively about your bedside table design. From futuristic or industrial-looking bedside tables to thinking outside the box entirely and using box shelves, stools, or laptop tables as an alternative to this more traditional piece of furniture, the only limit is your imagination.

Bedside table decor - ideas and tips

Valentine Bedside Table in oak

Valentine Bedside Table in oak

As well as selecting the design of your bedside table, we've got ideas for bedside table decor and other tips to inspire you to make your bedside table into something special.

Add some colour

If you want your bedroom to be a calm, neutral space, that is still well-balanced, consider adding a splash of colour without having to commit to it remaining permanently on the walls. A colourful, bright bedside table is a great way to add a touch of contrast and style without overwhelming the tranquil atmosphere you crave.

Blend in with your background

On the other hand, a bedside table that blends in with your wall colour can create a camouflage-type effect that is also effective. Using this technique can also allow different pieces of furniture to take centre stage.

Make the most of your space

If you need some small bedside table ideas to fit into a tighter area, consider custom-made pieces to maximise the space that you do have. Think tall rather than wide. Taller items can give you the same amount of storage space without taking up so much room. Floating drawers or cabinets can also be a great alternative to a bedside table as they give the illusion of more space. If you have divan drawers under your bed, floating bedside tables can be an excellent option to ensure you can access them unencumbered. You could also opt for made-to-measure bedside tables if you want a bespoke piece of furniture that is ideal for your space.

Coordinate with other furniture

valentine bed

Valentine Bed in oak

When selecting your ideal bedside table, you'll want to consider the other pieces of furniture in the room. Coordinating with chests of drawers and dressing tables you own can create a purposeful, seamless, sophisticated look that won't get tired over time.

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