We are very excited to share our latest product release with you - The Altura Step Stool, designed by Patricia Perez. Named after the Spanish word for 'height', the Altura Step Stool has a sleek yet sturdy design. Purposefully crafted, it provides that extra bit of height - enabling you to access areas that are a struggle to reach. We have interviewed Patricia to find out more about how the Altura came about, her design process and what inspires her.

-What was the idea behind the Altura Step Stool?

I enjoy finding products on the market that are not fully developed, because it gives me the opportunity to design something different from what already exists. A lot of step stools have a similar look as its function often dictates its shape, which can constrict the design. I wanted to make a step stool that was different to that.

-Was it a product you needed for your own home?

Not really. I just spend a lot of time looking at products I would like to design, and designing a step stool has been on my mind for a while.

-Could you tell us a little bit about your design process?

Once I know what product I'm going to work on, I spend a lot of time looking at references. I tend to look at other products - although never the same as the one I'm designing, architecture, art and things that I like in general. Then I think about how they can be translated into the product I'm working on. When I know the basic concept behind it, I start working on dimensions and proportions.

 -What is your favourite part of designing products/furniture?

 I love seeing something I drew on a piece of paper become real. 

Offering both practicality and style, the Altura will be a great addition to any room even when not in use. Its curved edges and slim shape ensures it can be stored without taking up much space. The convenient Altura Step Stool is available in a natural oak finish or black stain, both with a clear polyurethane laquer - providing a durable seal that protects the wood and prevents damage to the surface.

Altura Step Stool by Patricia Perez