Eleanor Pritchard is a weaver whose contemporary designs, acclaimed for their use of pattern, colour and texture, are inspired by traditional British fabrics. Extensive visual research underpins her collections and her practice includes large-scale projects, bespoke and commission work, mill-woven design and design consultancy. Her clients include the National Trust, Ely Cathedral and Christian Lacroix.

Known primarily for her fabric and upholstery designs, Eleanor Pritchard designed a rug collection for Case; the first time that Eleanor has designed a rug collection. Due to its long tradition of rug weaving and many skilled workshops specialising in different techniques, India provided the perfect setting to bring Pritchard’s vision to life.

“In all my work I like to play with discreet repeat pattern and I felt that this could lend itself well to rugs. There are lots of similarities between the rugs and our woven fabrics, but I was also really interested in the differences – for example exploring new techniques such as tufting and flat-weaves,” Pritchard explains.

“My work often has a mid-century quality and I feel a strong affinity for the aesthetics and design philosophy of this era. Alongside this runs a deep interest in vernacular British textiles and I see much of my work as a re-interpretation of these traditions and techniques for a contemporary audience.”

Products by Eleanor Pritchard