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Nazanin Kamali pops up at Case
Posted on 18th November 2015


Designer of our popular Celine desk, Nazanin Kamali, launched a range of home accessories earlier this year.

Galvanised by the idea that ‘all her personal documents should be embroidered’, Kamali then sought to give a sense of permanency to the notes that people routinely scribble then discard. The development of her bespoke Last Will & Testament cushion cover and Wedding Vows blanket has allowed her to further focus on the narrative aspect of craft that holds so much personal appeal. Nazanin

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Robin Day—Redefining British Design
Posted on 21st September 2015

“It isn’t an exaggeration to say that Robin Day is one of the most significant furniture designers of the 20th century. There aren’t many people who haven’t sat on one of his chairs.” says the London Design Festival as we mark the centenary of design Robin Day.

Earlier this year we celebrated the birthday of Robin Day, the designer born in 1915 and best known for the world’s first low-cost injection-moulded Polypropylene Chair. Now, during the London Design Festival, we are

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Design: managing the legacy of Robin & Lucienne Day
Posted on 16th September 2015

A year after successfully reissuing Robin Day‘s 675 chair, we reflect on the discussion last September…’Design: managing the legacy’ where design historian Charlotte Fiell and our own Paul Newman spoke with Paula Day, daughter of Robin and Lucienne Day, about what designers should do to ensure that their works are protected beyond their lifetime.

“You look at the new Case 675, the first time I saw the original, and now I’m seeing the new one, just a sense of ‘oh yes,

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Case Furniture—Good Design as Standard

Case Furniture is dedicated to creating good value contemporary furniture. As a vanguard of creativity, Case create modern furniture that has integrity and character.

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