The dressing table market continues to grow year on year, reflecting the rise in popularity of this piece of elegant furniture. Investing in a dressing table for your bedroom can create the perfect spot for you to get ready in a calm, relaxing way. It can be a thing of beauty - a piece of furniture that is both functional as well as enhancing the style of the room.

Taking a few moments to sit at your dressing table and prepare for the day ahead can become part of your self-care routine and ensure you begin each morning feeling and looking great. Organising your dressing table with care is critical to ensure that you achieve this sense of calm. The last thing you want is to feel rushed trying to find needed items or frustrated at a cluttered, disorganised, and unsightly mess in your bedroom.

Taking the time to organise your dressing table means keeping the surface clutter-free and finding everything you need with ease.

Looking for some recommendations on how to help keep your modern dressing table looking smart and tidy? Here are our top tips on how to organise a dressing table and keep clutter at bay.

Organising your dressing table - our top tips

Declutter first

pala dressing table and mirror

Before you start organising your belongings, the best thing to do is begin with an old-fashioned clear out. If you’ve had your dressing table for some time, you’ll no doubt find that you’ve hung onto some things you no longer have use for or don’t really belong in the space. So sort through your belongings and consider which items you’ll need to ensure your dressing table is functional and that you’ll have everything you need to hand. Throw out any old makeup and beauty products you no longer use or are now out of date, and make sure you clean your makeup brushes before you begin. Decluttering will free up space on top of and in your dressing table, making it easier to find room for all the items you have left.

Invest in storage

pala dressing table drawer storage

The best way to decide what you need to store in and on your dressing table and how to organise it, is to consider how you go about your morning beauty routine. To save time and make the process an indulgent pleasure rather than a mad rush, you’ll want everything you use daily within reach as soon as you sit down.

What you keep in your dressing table is up to you, but typically you’ll want makeup and makeup brushes, hair care products, jewellery, perhaps some perfumes and skincare products so that you can complete your beauty routine with everything in one place. If your dressing table comes with built-in drawers, you might wish to consider investing in draw dividers to help you better organise the space. Pots and cork boxes can also be a good addition so that you can easily group different products together based on what you’ll use them for.

Makeup - Keep your makeup brushes in one pot, your lipsticks in another, your eyeshadows and mascaras in another, and so on. This will make it easy to see what you’ve got and when you are running out of your favourite beauty products too.

Jewellery - Separating different jewellery items will also help you find what you are looking for more efficiently and mean that smaller items, such as earrings, don’t get lost. By storing jewellery properly, you’ll also avoid necklaces and bracelets getting tangled, which can be frustrating and often time-consuming to rectify. You could use different pots or boxes for this or purchase a jewellery roll to keep treasured items safe, which will also be handy if you want to take any jewellery on a trip with you.

Hair and Beauty products - Skincare products such as makeup removers, toner, moisturiser and any other favourites can be stored in dressing table drawers if you have them. Doing so will avoid taking up too much space on the surface. Similarly, your hair products are best stored away and out of sight if possible. Draw organisers can again come in handy if you wish to separate out different products.

If you have room in your dressing table, larger items such as hair dryers can be helpful to have close to hand (but out of sight), too.


pala dressing table with mirror

Pala Dressing Table in oak

A dressing table mirror is a must-have as it will not only add light and a sense of space to your bedroom but will also mean that you’ll have everything you need to get ready seamlessly. Selecting your mirror will depend on the style of your dressing table and the overall aesthetic of your bedroom interior. You can fix the mirror to the wall or invest in a freestanding option to sit on top of the dressing table. Deciding whether to have a single mirror or to invest in a couple is another consideration to make, depending on your needs. Having a main mirror facing you directly, with adjustable, angled mirrors either side can make hair styling in particular an easier task. Either way, placement is everything.


Mouro Lamp in black

Mouro Lamp in black

When it comes to dressing table organisation you’ll also need to consider lighting. Ideally, you’ll be able to place your dressing table facing a window, so the natural light shines on you when you sit down. However, if this is not possible, you may wish to invest in additional lighting, such as a table lamp for your dressing table to ensure the area is well-lit. A freestanding light that tilts and can be moved easily is the best option to highlight different areas of your face to ensure you get your makeup just right.

What to keep on display

pala dressing table

If you have drawers within your dressing table, make use of the hidden storage. We always think that a clear and clutter-free surface is best, so it’s a good idea to try to hide away less used or visually unappealing items and only keep those on the surface of your dressing table that add to the aesthetic of the bedroom overall. An ornate mirror, a stylish lamp, a vase of flowers, or a small houseplant can add colour and vibrancy whilst still keeping the surface of the dressing table relatively clear. If you do not have drawers in your dressing table, you may want to consider placing it next to a wall. This way you can add shelving above to keep your must-have items stored while ensuring your dressing table can remain clutter-free.

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