When creating a stylish and functional home office, paying attention to storage is critical. Without sufficient storage, your home office can quickly turn from a serene and inspiring workplace to a cluttered, disorganised mess.

Being smart about storage will ensure you can allocate a place for everything and keep your home office neat and tidy. Incorporating lots of storage space into your design and finding clever and creative ways to increase the amount of space you have for storage without making your office feel cramped is essential.

Home office storage ideas to inspire you

Whether your office is large or small, and whatever your preferred design tastes, innovative storage solutions can keep your space clutter-free while enhancing the overall aesthetic. Here, we explore some of the best ideas for home office storage to make the most of your space.

Invest in a desk with drawers

Celine Desk in black

Celine Desk in black stain

The most obvious place to invest in storage is through a home office desk. A desk is a must-have in every office and purchasing one with built-in storage is a practical solution. Even slimmer desks, for those who are short on space, can offer some storage with sleek, discreet drawers and shelving to help store your most essential items. If you have lots of space in your office, investing in a desk with large, deep drawers means you'll easily have everything you need close by, keeping you productive and focused throughout the working day.

Use shelving wisely

Strata Shelving in walnut

Strata Shelving in walnut

Robust, high-quality shelving is another simple solution for office storage. Shelves can be freestanding, floating, or boxed, depending on your needs and preferred look. Freestanding shelves keep everything easily accessible and can be a great place to store essential documents and files that you may need to refer to frequently. Wall shelving can take advantage of otherwise unused space and help store items that you might only need access to once in a while. You can also use shelves to add some interest to the room in the form of plants or carefully selected objet d'art, serving multiple purposes simultaneously.

Storage boxes for extras

Trove deep square box

Trove Deep Square Box in cork

Often we focus on creating storage for all our more oversized items and need to remember about the pens, pencils, and other small bits of stationery that can prove helpful when it comes to a tidy workspace. Keeping your desk organised with smart storage boxes can be highly useful for your home office. Our Trove desk tidy boxes come in various shapes and sizes and are made from high-quality cork to provide a minimalist yet stylish look.

Consider wall boxes to utilise dead space

Arca Wall Box in oak

Arca Wall Box small in oak

As well as shelving, another creative way to increase home office storage is to mount boxes on the walls to keep files and essentials easily within reach without taking up floor space. Our Arca Wall Box is an excellent example of how to add storage and style points simultaneously. With multiple compartments to keep your office organised, it also features a mirror and magnetic noticeboard for placing essential reminders.

Get creative with vertical space

Creating an entire storage wall could be the answer if you require lots of storage in your home office but don't want to take up too much valuable floor space. Take advantage of the full height of the room. You can maximise storage vertically, keeping essential documents infrequently accessed near the top and placing more critical items within easy reach. You can also invest in a slim library ladder to reach anything stored up high while adding a touch of elegance to a book-lined home office.

Use cabinets to conceal items

If you have floor space to spare, free standing cabinets, sideboards, and chests of drawers can provide you with all the space you need to conceal items away. Less attractive but essential items such as printers could also be concealed behind closed doors, helping to ensure your office remains serene. Consider building file cabinets into existing bookcases to increase the usable surface space. If you choose freestanding pieces, make sure they blend in with the current style so that everything remains cohesive whilst providing you with the functionality you require.

How to organise your office storage

Efficient office organisation begins by discarding any no longer used items to keep the number of things you need to store in your office to a minimum. Before redesigning your home office space, clear out and eliminate any unwanted paperwork, old files, out-of-date tech, and anything else you no longer have use for.

Once you are left with only the essential items, you'll have a much better idea of the required space. It is also worth drawing up a list of many things you don't have but need to complete your office setup, and then you can also take these into account when choosing your office storage.

Create an organisation plan, categorising objects from smaller items to larger ones, and plan where everything should go, ensuring that your most used items are all at arm's length. This way you can be sure that everything has its place, that you’ll have everything you need to be productive and that you can keep your office organised and tidy with minimal effort.

Innovative Office storage solutions from Case Furniture

Our elegant home office storage solutions effortlessly combine functionality and practicality. We bring you a contemporary range of shelving, desks, sideboards and more, to ensure you have all the storage required to keep your office organised and clutter-free. Browse our home office storage range or get in touch with our customer team if you have any questions - we'd love to hear from you.