The bedroom is a much used room in the house that requires a balance of functionality combined with aesthetics and a relaxing ambiance. It should be your haven - a place you can retreat to, where you can rest, recuperate and re-energise, ready for the day ahead.

If you are moving house, renovating, or have decided it's time for a bedroom revamp, taking the time to carefully plan and map out your new bedroom layout before you begin is a wise idea. Whether your bedroom is small and cosy, or spacious and airy, it is essential to consider how to arrange your bedroom furniture to create a contemporary space for you to relax.

How to arrange your bedroom furniture the right way

How you arrange your bedroom furniture can significantly affect how the room looks and feels. Naturally, maximising your space will be at the top of your list to ensure you have ample storage while keeping the area as decluttered as possible. Creating a visual map of where each piece of furniture will go before you can design your ideal bedroom layout saves you time and energy by only having to move heavy furniture once.

So what are some things you can do to ensure you arrange your bedroom furniture to the best effect? Here are some useful ideas to guide you.

Measure up your space

Before you begin, you need to ascertain how much space you have to work with, as this will inform all your other decisions. Measure the length and width of the room, taking down any measurement of more awkward spaces such as alcove areas or bay windows. Once you have your measurements, you'll be able to work out where each piece of furniture will fit best.

Place your bed first

contemporary bed in black

Valentine Bed in black stain

The largest and most important piece of furniture in the bedroom - the bed is typically the focal point of the bedroom and where one's eye is naturally drawn. Traditionally, a bed would be placed in the centre of the wall opposite the door, however, this is only possible for some bedrooms. Often there is an obvious position for the bed, and using your judgement will guide you. Choosing the longest wall and placing your bed centrally can look aesthetically pleasing, but only if you have enough space on either side. You need to comfortably be able to get into your bed from either side unless you have opted for a corner position. This is usually the best option for smaller bedrooms where you need to save space.

Consider your storage needs

Valentine Tallboy in Walnut Stain - contemporary storage

Valentine Tallboy in walnut stain

The amount of furniture you require will depend heavily on your storage needs. The most essential pieces of furniture in addition to the bed include a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, bedside tables, a dressing table, a chair, and perhaps even a desk.

If you are working with a smaller space, choose tall pieces such as a Tall Boy, which minimises the amount of floor space taken up while still giving you plenty of storage to keep your belongings. Once you have decided on the pieces you need, you'll be able to work out where to place them.

Consider custom built furniture

Whether your bedroom is big or small, custom-built furniture is an effective way to make the most of your space and provide ample storage to keep your belongings out of sight. Building a custom wardrobe up to ceiling height and into a sloping roof, for example, will give you lots of storage and make use of what could otherwise be dead unusable space.

Experiment with Feng Shui

Walnut and black desk with chair, lamp and plant

The art of placing your bedroom furniture can be both a practical and enjoyable endeavour. Some items, such as bedside tables, have a natural position (by the bed), whereas others do not. The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui is believed to help bring harmony and improve energy flow. According to the method, placing your bed centrally, avoiding mirrors within the sight line of the bed, having a bedside table on either side of the bed, using a muted colour palette, and maximising airflow will all help to improve your sleep quality and keep your bedroom as tranquil and serene as possible.

Keep clutter to a minimum

Arranging your bedroom furniture to minimise clutter is excellent for the flow of your room. Investing in bedside tables with storage where you can keep those must-have items such as your book, glasses, or sleep spray to hand will help to keep surfaces clean and clear and ensure you achieve a contemporary look.

Choose big, timeless pieces where possible

Valentine Chest of drawers

Valentine Chest Of Drawers in walnut stain

Many smaller furniture items could end up making the room feel cramped. Investing in larger pieces of furniture can create a statement and make more of a visual impact. Minimise the amount of floor space that larger pieces take up by placing them against walls and corners to keep the room looking spacious.

Decorate with care

Your bedroom furniture arrangement should complement your decor. It's also a good idea to consider accessories and soft furnishings when mapping out your furniture placement. Items such as lamps and rugs can enhance the room's style, so incorporate these into your plan and ensure space for them. Items like floating shelves can be another great addition, particularly for those short on space, providing stylish storage without taking up floor space.

Soften sharp edges

675 Chair in oak and black leather with round bedside table

675 Chair in oak and black leather

You can visually soften any harshly angled corners by placing something rounded. A round lamp, bedside table, or a curved chair could create a cosy reading nook and ensure that harsh corners are less heavy on the eyes.

Work with awkward areas

Awkward areas in the room should be addressed and can be an opportunity to add interest and storage without cluttering the space. A sloping roof may be the perfect place to put a comfy, stylish chair, for example, where you can add colour and texture to an area that would otherwise be unused.

Remember, nothing is set in stone

Furniture that is custom-built and fitted into your bedroom cannot be moved. However, nothing else is set in stone. If your arrangement feels wrong, you can keep experimenting until you find the ideal layout. While it's always a good idea to plan and map out your bedroom furniture in advance and get it right the first time around, if you end up feeling like you want a change or to do something different, this is always possible.

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