In recent years, customer preferences for bedroom furniture have shifted towards more high-end contemporary products, focusing on wardrobes and storage to create a more minimalist, serene environment.

Making the best use of the space in your bedroom means retaining a clean and spacious feel while still having plenty of storage for clothes, shoes, accessories, and anything else you might want to keep there.

While bedroom storage ideas will, first and foremost, be functional, there is no reason why your choices can’t add to your overall aesthetic. If you are looking for contemporary pieces of furniture and clever storage ideas for the bedroom that will fit perfectly with your space and decor, we’ve got a range of ideas and inspiration to get you started.

The best bedroom storage ideas for your home

Arca Wall Box Small in oak with desk and bed in view

Arca Wall Box Small in oak

A bedroom should be a peaceful, relaxing space where you can unwind and, most importantly, get a good night’s sleep. If you are struggling with clutter in your bedroom, investing in storage can turn a messy space into an organised one.

Whether your bedroom is luxuriously big or small and cosy, there are bedroom storage ideas to suit every space.

1. Invest in fitted furniture

While fitted furniture can be more expensive, it is the best way to make the most of your available space. This is particularly true when looking for storage solutions for rooms that may be an awkward shape, such as loft conversions. Fitted furniture will be uniquely made to measure, and therefore there will be no unsightly gaps, and you’ll be able to take up every inch of available space to keep your belongings organised. If you are up for the challenge, you could modify and DIY store-bought pieces of furniture to fit exactly in with your space or have a professional measure up and create the pieces for you.

2. Put up some shelves

Lap Storage Shelving Medium in black

Lap Storage Shelving Medium in black

Shelving is another popular solution to add additional storage to the room. The thing about shelving is that it doesn’t take up any floor space and you can add as much or as little as you like. There are lots of different shelving options available such as floating shelves, wall box shelving, and freestanding shelves. Work out how much you need, and then browse the styles and designs that suit you best.

3. Upcycle your current storage

If you have existing storage pieces, but they need a refresh or you are on a tight budget, you could add some colour and interest to storage units with paint, wallpaper, or fabrics. Choose your colours and patterns carefully to ensure they suit your existing decor. If choosing to use wallpaper, peel-and-stick options can be perfect for this type of DIY project and can create a stylish and unique look.

4. Hide clutter with a screen or divider

If you want to get rid of clutter but deep down you know that you’ll always be the kind of person who leaves clothes on the floor or has a stack of books at least ten high by the side of your bed, why not simply use a stylish screen to disguise the clutter? Out of sight is out of mind and will give the illusion of a decluttered space. By placing a screen or room divider, you can create the impression of a neat and tidy room by keeping your mess hidden from view.

5. Get a storage bed

A storage bed is optimal for anyone who needs extra storage but doesn’t want more furniture taking up space in the bedroom. There are plenty of storage beds to choose from, such as beds with incorporated drawers or those you can lift up, creating an entire bed space worth of storage underneath.

6. Make the most of bedside tables

Valentine Bedside Table in oak

Valentine Bedside Table in oak

 Bedside tables are a valuable addition to any bedroom and can be great for adding lamps or storing things you need beside your bed, such as books, glasses, or toiletries. If you are looking for extra storage, why not invest in bedside tables that double up as cabinets or have drawers where you can keep additional belongings?

7. Make use of storage boxes for instant decluttering

trove storage boxes, set of 3

We all have those items that can’t be folded away or hung up and can end up making our rooms look messy and cluttered if left out on display. Investing in storage boxes can keep such items tidy, while still having them close at hand. Buying matching storage boxes in a range of sizes can also add a well-thought out sense of style.

8. Use your window sill

Your window sill can act as another area to store books or other small items on. Add plants and ornaments to create a purposeful look, whilst effectively using the space for extra storage. Window sills are a clever but simple storage solution, so if you want to make the best use of the storage space in your bedroom, make sure you don’t forget about them.

9. Repurpose some vintage suitcases

If you admire the vintage look, investing in some vintage suitcases can add style while also allowing you to hide away any belongings you don’t want on view. The suitcases can look good piled on top of one another or on top of wardrobes or chests too.

10. Build a window seat

Building a window seat works well in rooms with a bay window. Building a window seat not only creates a comfortable space to sit and watch the world go by but also is an opportunity to create a clever storage area beneath it.

11. Choose a chest of drawers to suit your space

Valentine Tall Boy in walnut stain

Valentine TallBoy in walnut stain

A chest of drawers will naturally provide ample storage. If you want to make a statement, go for a large, innovatively designed piece of furniture. If you are looking for a space-saving option, something like a Tall Boy which extends upwards rather than width-wards might be the best option.

12. Buy the right kind of wardrobe for your needs

Wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes, and while the aesthetic is important, the interior storage space it offers will no doubt influence your choice. Before you invest in a wardrobe, assess your needs to help inform your decision. A wardrobe with a mixture of hanging rails, drawers, and shelves will give you a versatile space to store your belongings. However, if you prefer to hang up all of your clothes, you may want to invest in more hanging space, while if you like to fold things away, the opposite may be true.

13. Use textured pieces

Adding texture to your room creates a cosier and more homely look. Search for textured pieces to add depth and interest while also providing extra storage space. A velvet chest, for example, can be a stylish addition while simultaneously giving you extra space to keep towels, linens, jumpers, accessories, or anything else you might like to keep there.

14. Build wardrobes to ceiling height

We often leave a gap between our wardrobes and the ceiling, which wastes valuable storage space. By buying or building a wardrobe that extends up to the full height of your ceiling, you’ll make the most of the area and be able to keep more of your belongings neatly hidden from view.

15. Use mirrored storage to create a sense of space

Arca Wall Box Small in oak

Arca Wall Box Small in oak

If you need storage but are worried about your bedroom feeling cramped, mirrored storage can be the best solution to create the illusion of space and reflect more light into the room.

16. Learn how to fold for maximum space

There are many clever bedroom storage ideas and tricks to save space and make the most of your current space, and learning how to fold your clothes efficiently can make a big difference. By taking the time to fold items correctly, you’ll still be able to see everything you have but will free up space for more items.

17. Invest in slimline coat hangers

Slimline coat hangers can be another way to create more space in your wardrobe without getting rid of any items. Quality slimline coat hangers are still sturdy and stylish but will give you extra room.

18. Add space and grandeur with an ottoman 

Ella Lounge and Ottoman in moss

Ella Lounge and Ottoman in moss

An ottoman is a perfect addition for those who want more storage and favour a luxurious look in the bedroom. Being both functional and attractive, they can double as extra storage and a place to sit when positioned at the foot of your bed. Ottomans come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes, from velvet versions for a lavish look to rustic wicker versions for a more organic style.

19. Buy a bookcase

Wooden Tall & Wide Bookshelf

Strata Shelving in walnut

A bookcase can be the answer if you are tired of having piles of books all over your bedroom floor. If you are short on floor space, opt for a taller, slimmer version, alternatively, if you have room to spare and want to create a contemporary look, go with a more expansive, modern piece.

20. Add drawer dividers

Drawer dividers can be a helpful addition to your bedroom organisation. While they won’t give you additional space, they will help keep your current drawers more organised.

21. Invest in under-bed boxes

If you don’t want to buy a storage bed, you can still make the most of the space under your bed by investing in storage boxes that you can keep underneath. Make sure you choose containers that are the right size to max out the space, and that they are easily accessible so it’s not a struggle to reach them.

22. Attach hooks to the backs of doors

Keep dressing gowns, jackets, bags and other items off the floor by screwing in some hooks to the back of your bedroom or wardrobe doors.

23. Buy storage with lids to keep things neat

While open storage can suit some, it's always best to put a lid on it if you want to create a neat and tidy look. Take the time to find storage boxes that aren’t purely functional but simultaneously add style and texture to your room.

24. Be prepared to let things go

Always remember, to optimise your storage space, it’s always best to have a declutter first. We are all guilty of holding onto items we no longer want or need, so be prepared to let some things go to ensure your bedroom remains the tranquil haven you deserve.

25. Have a place for everything


room with shelving, a chair, wall mirror and wall hooks

By getting organised and having a place for every item, you’ll be able to keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free. Invest time in organisation now, and enjoy the rewards of a peaceful, tidy bedroom in the long term.

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