Are you looking for ideas on how to decorate a dining table? Dining table accessories can be a fantastic way to inject some style into your dining room or kitchen. A thoughtfully decorated dining table can add elegance, colour, and interest day to day or add a sense of occasion to events and celebrations.

There are lots of ways to decorate your dining table, from subtle choices that can add charm and elegance to full dining table designs that are perfect for special occasions. Here we will examine some of the ways you can decorate a dining table to add interest to the room.

How to decorate a dining table - some elegant ideas

Happily, there are many different ways you can decorate your dining table, from minimalist touches that simply give the nod to your personal taste to totally over-the-top indulgent and opulent table decorations that are perfect for a party.

Here are some of the ways you can consider decorating your dining table:

Candles and Ornaments

Candles are a great addition to any dining table and not only look great but create a cosy, romantic, and elegant atmosphere too. Opt for twinkling tea lights for a more intimate atmosphere, or go for larger, more dramatic candles or even a candelabra to add a sense of opulence and occasion to your dining experience! Our Industry Candlestick by Matthew Hilton makes for a great centrepiece on any modern dining table.

You can also create a point of interest with a carefully selected objet d'art to sit atop your dining table. Pick something that draws the eye with a story behind it to make a great conversation starter as well as added style points.


Seasonings and condiments

If you like to keep seasonings and condiments to hand on your dining table, choosing how to display them is a great way to add some interest to your dining table while also having them ready to add flavour to your favourite dishes whenever you need to. There are lots of options for salt and pepper shakers, from the super sleek and stylish to the kitsch and cute, so you can choose something that compliments your style. Our Orb Grinder by Gareth Neal offers a sleek design The same goes for oil and vinegar holders or other kinds of condiment holders. Choose from more rustic, understated options, diner-style, or something ultra-modern and classy. Some of the options available can even look like works of art in their own right.

Tablecloths and runners

Using a tablecloth is the easiest and most versatile way to transform your dining table. Tablecloths come in a considerable number of different designs, patterns, and styles. You can choose to keep a tablecloth on your table each day or bring one out when hosting dinner parties or for birthdays, or other notable events such as Easter or Christmas. You could keep a stock of tablecloths and runners to change up your dining table for different occasions or just any time you feel like creating a different look or style in the room. While a tablecloth will fully cover your table and therefore can make a big statement, a table runner provides a more subtle injection of colour and texture - so you can choose what you prefer depending on the kind of statement you want to make, switch it up as the season's change and have different types table cloths and runners for different occasions too.

Placemats and coasters

Your choice of placemats and coasters can entirely change the way your dining table looks. If you enjoy a more rustic ambiance, wicker or cork placemats and coasters add warmth and a wholesome earthiness to your dining space. If you want to create an elegant or sophisticated atmosphere, you might opt for something glass, metallic or ceramic to add weight and style for a more high-end evening. As with tablecloths, it can be smart to have a few sets of placemats and coasters in your drawers if you like to change your style or mix up your dining table decoration for dinner parties or celebrations.

Plants and flowers

A well-placed plant on a dining table can add some freshness to the room, and an elegant vase filled with pretty blooms will also make a statement. Plants add more of a natural feel, where flowers can be changed according to seasons and mood, and are an easy way to inject some colour into the room. Choosing vases and plant holders to compliment your style is another easy way to decorate your dining table and enhance the room's overall design.

Occasions and celebrations

When it comes to significant events, joyous celebrations, and festive days, there is usually some point where you, your family, and friends might gather around your dining table to enjoy some delicious food and share quality time together. When this happens, decorating your dining table to match the occasion can not only be a real focal point that looks incredible but can add to the occasion and make the time you spend together even more special. Whether you bring out pine cones and Christmas crackers during the festive season, get crazy and creative at Easter or go all out with balloons and banners for a loved one's birthday, there is plenty of design inspiration out there to make sure your dining table decor stands out.

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