The living room; the centre of comfort and relaxation, it’s the ideal place to put your feet up, read a good book or get cosy watching a film under a warm blanket. As experts in modern furniture, we understand the importance of creating a homely living space whilst still catering to your interior design needs.

Sometimes, it can be easy to visualise what you are after, but when it comes to choosing specific furniture pieces that catch your eye and work well together in cohesion it can be tricky, but ultimately make all the difference between a comfortable space and one that you’ll never want to leave! There are many factors to consider when creating a cosy living room and the best part is you may already find you have most of the pieces. It is now time to tie everything together, so we have put together a simple guide on how to create a cosy living room through modern design.

Our top 10 tips on how to create a cosy living room

There are 10 elements that have the ability to transform your living room from the usual comfortable space into your very own picture-perfect, cosy haven that you’ll never want to leave! From lighting to layers, we have put together our top tips on how to create a cosy living room.

1. Lighting

Lighting can be a tricky one to get right, but once you do, can give you the biggest results. Whilst natural lighting is a wonderful thing during the day, when it starts to become darker outside, we usually result to switching on the overhead lights. However, when it comes to making your space feel and look as cosy as possible, creating your own light through candles, fairy lights or a soft lamp in the corner will illuminate your living room naturally and subtly.

We also recommend buying lighting/bulbs that project natural, almost yellow/orange light over a bright, artificial-looking white. This will add a warmth to the room for extra cosiness.


2. Texture

When it comes to contemporary living room design, texture can soften harsh edges, fill open spaces and add character to empty walls. (If you’re like us) and love neutral tones and minimalist design, then texture can add the necessary layers and tactility to your living room. Where surfaces are looking a little plain or sparse, a textured rug or throw for the sofa will present a more inviting exterior and inject warmth and cosiness into your environment.

3. Create a focal point

Whilst most of us may subconsciously already do this, creating a focal point in your living room to direct your furniture towards and fill the space around will automatically introduce ideal placement into a room. For example, if a classic, grand bookcase is your living room statement piece, angling your sofa in this direction and wrapping the remaining furniture around this such as a small table to the side and a lamp to the other will create an intimate space and hugging environment.

A fireplace can be the perfect focal point to create a beautifully cosy ambience that adds feelings of serenity and warmth. However there are many options you can consider, as long as you feel that your positioning creates an embracing atmosphere for both yourself and guests, then whether this is a flickering fireplace, a T.V. to gather around and watch a film, or even a standalone centrepiece, having a focal point where you can create an intimate arrangement around will bring all the cosy vibes you need!


4. Choose a colour scheme (we recommend neutral tones)

A colour scheme will often be one of the first things that people will notice when they walk into a room. Whether you are looking for vibrance, colour and charm, or a sleek, natural and modern aesthetic, you can instantly set the tone for your guests and create a cosy, welcoming environment through a cohesive style. Whilst you can do this using an array of styles and colours, we recommend leaning towards a neutral colour palette such as grey, brown and wood finishes that bring calming connotations and will easily complement each other.

When combining a modern, minimalist and neutral style with feelings of cosiness and warmth, adding subtle hues and occasional flourishes of colours that balance each other out and accentuate areas of the room can tone down any harsh or coldness that can come from bright whites. For example, making a simple switch to off-white or cream for your walls or sofa can make all the difference.

5. Scent

Often forgotten about, scent is a highly effective tool for creating a cosy living room setting all year round. There are different types of items that can instil such a feeling. First, you can never go wrong with candles! Candles not only carry gorgeous fragrances from vanilla to spices to relaxation aromas such as lavender and imitations of a spa, but their flickering orange flames and added warmth to a room will provide you with the perfect cosy atmosphere.

Another option if candles are not your primary choice, or you are looking for more accessible vegan-friendly options, burning incense can replicate similar smells, with added earthy and wood scents as well as instil a subtle smokey effect mirroring that of a fireplace.

Thirdly, placing a classic reed diffuser or electric diffuser can give an instantaneous aroma that can even flow into adjoining rooms. Reed diffusers are great for the living room as you don’t have to worry about setting anything up or turning anything off when you leave the house. Once they are placed in the room you can enjoy a lasting scent for weeks to come.

6. Smooth and aesthetic style

A large part of modern and contemporary design can include clean and crisp surfaces and edges; so if you are looking to spruce up the cosiness for the perfect aesthetic, incorporating furniture pieces and decorative elements that offer curved or rounded shapes and edges can create an inviting atmosphere. Through a smoother style of design, you can mitigate any harsh lines and textures and in doing so an inflexible, unwelcoming feel.

Creating cosiness is about feeling as though you’re in an intimate setting that was made for your comfort and relaxation, your living room should appear to curve perfectly around you like a large hug - what’s cosier than that?

7. Layers

Layers, layers and more layers! Not only do they add texture to a room but what’s more cosy than snuggling up under a warm blanket or walking barefoot on a soft rug! Adding layers to your living room can not only add texture to minimalist furniture designs but add a more homely touch to your space. Layers can also hide any rigid corners or harsh lines as well as physical softness to your home.

From blankets to throws, to rugs and extra cushioning, layers are a great addition to bring out - particularly in the winter months.

8. Shut out the outside world

We all want a little peace and quiet every now and then and disconnecting from the outside world is a vital process for enhancing your feelings of comfort and safety. Adding some modern, neutral curtains or blinds to your living room windows will allow you to create your own safe haven and visually block out any external lighting, noise and distractions. Give yourself the privacy you need and let your mind and body drift into relaxation.

9. Flourishes and final touches

Every living room needs a few final touches and flourishes when it comes to creating a cosy environment. Adding in embellishments such as a couple of potted plants here and there, some decorative wall hangings or organisational boxes will add that personal touch to your space, creating a more cosy and homely atmosphere.

Candlesticks and bookshelves are also great for this! Incorporating furniture pieces and accessories which make you feel the most comfortable will go a long way in creating your perfect relaxation space (and as an added bonus… will give a great look to your living room!)

10. Create the perfect space for you

Everyone’s idea of cosiness and comfort will be slightly different and it is important to factor in your personal preferences and style. We have therefore put together some questions to ask yourself when thinking about how to create a cosy living room that is the perfect space for you.

  • What style of furniture appeals to you?
  • Do you enjoy a clean, minimalist design or do you prefer to fill your space with decorative elements?
  • Are you looking to add some greenery or a pop of colour?
  • What colours make you feel calm?
  • What lighting are you after? A warm, orange glow or some twinkling fairy lights?
  • What is a scent that makes you feel relaxed?
  • What do you want to centre the room around?

How to create a cosy living room with Case Furniture

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If you’re sitting room could do with an update or whether you are just looking for some accessories to add an extra layer of cosiness to your setting, find everything you need online at Case.

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