We took some time out with Marie Drago, founder of revolutionary skincare brand Gallinée, to discover what contemporary design and wellbeing means to her.  

Case: We understand how important it is to make time for yourself, in preparation for the day ahead. Can you tell us about your morning routine?

Marie Drago: I like to take my time in the morning, even if my beauty routine is minimal. For my morning shower I use the Gallinée soap and get ready at the dressing table in my room, which is like my private sanctuary, where I store my beauty products. I’m lucky to be able to try out lots of samples from the lab for the next products we are developing, so it feels a bit like playtime. I usually splash my face with our Face Vinegar, then mix the Youthful Serum and the Face Cream. Make-up is quite light, a spritz of perfume and I’m good to go.    


Case: How do you balance a busy modern lifestyle, whilst making time for wellbeing and taking care of your skin?

Marie Drago: I was told earlier by a friend that having your own company is like a marathon, not a sprint. I am very careful about making time to relax, see my friends and take care of myself. I have very reactive skin and it tends to flare up when I’m stressed, so I try to take the weekends off and wind down by going to the Turkish Baths with friends. When developing Gallinée, I wanted no-fuss products that could be used on the go and every day by everyone.    

Case: At case we believe that quality and modern aesthetics are fundamental to happy interiors. What does good design mean to you?

Marie Drago: I love the furniture designs at Case for their pure aesthetic. As an East Londoner, most of our flat is a mix of mid-century vintage and Scandinavian-style furniture. I think simplicity and craftsmanship are the most important when it comes to good design. We recently moved in to a new office and the whole team got very involved in decorating and sourcing the furniture. It looks amazing! Good design is something that makes me feel happy to come home, but also in the office too.        

Case: What do you like most about the Pala Dressing table by Böttger Studio?

Marie Drago: I love the pure and streamlined look from the outside, but you can also hide lots of things away in the interior storage. The solid oak wood really appeals to me aswell, in the microbiome science we say that humans don’t interact with nature anymore - most of what we touch during the day is plastic, so the organic feel of the Pala Dressing Table makes me very happy.    


Case: Can you reveal your ultimate tips for healthier skin?

Marie Drago:

  • Do - Go on a “skincare diet”, stripping back your routine to the basics of cleansing and moisturising. It will allow you to find what works for you and build up your routine from there.
  • Don’t - Strip the skin of its good bacteria, avoid anything alcohol based or at the wrong pH. Cleaning doesn’t mean disinfecting. Be gentle with your skin and yourself.
  • Do - Use products that have the right pH. It doesn’t sound sexy but it’s so important. Your skin and its microbiome are at a slightly acidic pH5 and your products should be the same. Don’t hesitate to ask the brands about the pH levels of their products, it will help you in the long run.
  • Don’t – Try to cover up skin problems with heavy makeup which is likely to make the issue worse. Go makeup free if you can for one or two days a week.
  • Do - Take care of your nutrition and wellbeing. Especially when you think about your microbiome, feed it fibres, fermented products and varied food, and you will see the results on your skin.
  • Don’t - Skip sleep, it’s the best skincare product.