December is fast approaching, and this year more than ever we are looking forward to celebrating a normal Christmas with our friends and family. We know how hard it can be to think of presents for everyone (dads - we’re looking at you), so we have put together a two-part list of thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. With the help of our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide, this can be the year you avoid that last-minute panic shopping.

The Foodie

Are you looking for something to go with snacks and/or drinks for your favourite foodie? Look no further. Our chopping boards designed by Gareth Neal can also be used as serving trays, cheese boards or display boards. They are a versatile gift and will look great in a hamper full of delicious treats and their tipple of choice. Click here to see our entire range of kitchenware

The Collector

What do you get for someone who already has everything? How about something they can store their belongings in. The Trove boxes designed by David Irwin come in different shapes and sizes, are stackable and can be combined in endless ways. The Trove Deep Rectangular Box will store bigger objects, while the Trove Base Tray is shallow and ideal for displaying smaller objects. View the Trove range here.

The Reader

Do you have a passionate reader in your family? If you want to branch out and give them something other than a book, how about a helpful reading accessory. We recommend the Mouro Lamp designed by Patricia Perez, as it is dimmable with three settings and can fully rotate around its axis. On the brightest setting, it will produce a strong reading light, and the lowest setting is perfect for cosy mood lighting. Choose from four colours - black, white, grey and blue.

The Plant Lover

Whether you are getting a present for a green-thumbed relative or your plant-killing friend - the Sip Plant Pot will be a time saver for both. Designed by Ann Kristin Einarsen, this self-watering planter comes in two parts with a nylon wick. The wick acts like an extension of the roots, enabling the plant to draw up just as much water as it needs from the reservoir.