Located on the edge of the north-east of Madrid, the Orgaz Restaurant is an elegant and contemporary restaurant designed by Zooco Estudio. We supplied the Profile Chair by Matthew Hilton which complimented the cosy interior and complimentary aesthetic of the space.

Zooco Estudio's initial strategy when designing the Orgaz Restaurant, was to set up a clear structure of spaces within the restaurant. Composed of vertical and horizontal structures, such as porticos, the interior is divided into a bar, kitchen, storage and toilets within one solid-wood structure.  

Outside of the wooden 'box' structure, oak floorboards are used so both wood elements never come into contact. A white hexagon mosaic lines the space between, with a green band highlighting the transition between wood and glass mosaic, and wording to indicate the function of the space. The Profile Chair designed by Matthew Hilton, is an elegant stackable solid timber chair with a soft upholstered leather seat. A smartly-proportioned and minimal design with a recessed back, make this dining chair extremely comfortable to sit in, and suitable for a restaurant environment. The facade features a folding sliding window, allowing the restaurant to be opened onto the street, highlighting the urban and open nature of the business.