To celebrate one of the most recognised designs of the Twentieth Century, we are excited to announce the launch of The Special Edition 675 Chair in collaboration with Mourne Textiles available exclusively at The Conran Shop. A true pioneer of design, Robin Day overcame the difficulty of forming a single moulded plywood chair with adjoining armrests by innovatively bending one piece to perform the two functions. The result is a design that has truly stood the test of time, balancing innovative construction, comfort and support with a distinctive sculptural aesthetic. The 675 Chair is highly recognised for its distinctive curved walnut-veneered plywood back and in 2015 was awarded the prestigious Design Guild Mark Award.  

Images courtesy of the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation[/caption]
In 2014, Case sourced an original production of the 1950s chair. The London company then worked alongside the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation to develop a new model which had the same dimensions and proportions.

“Our version of the 675 is very true to the original, as over the years it had been altered – the feet are now as they were in the 1952 original. Modern manufacturing techniques have meant that we can hide the welds and also incorporate a moulded nylon foot which is much more durable than the felt original.”- Paul Newman, Case.  

Image courtesy of The Conran Shop[/caption]   This special edition is created with a walnut plywood back, black steel frame and newly upholstered with three heritage colours of Mourne Check. Originally created by Gerd Hay-Edie, Mourne Check was a favoured fabric for Robin Day, and is hand woven on traditional hand looms that were imported to the Mourne Textiles workshop in the 1950's. The colours are then matched from original heritage palettes in their archives.  

Produced under exclusive license from the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation, this year also marks Lucienne Day’s centenary, a pertinent time to celebrate this special edition of Robin Day’s original design.

“Case have been willing to go the extra mile to develop a product which is very close to my father’s actual 1952 design. The result is startlingly fresh and authoritative; one glance is enough to convince that this is the real Robin Day 675 design, vigorous, poised and finely proportioned. Like all his chairs, it is also very comfortable.”Paula Day