If your dining room is looking a little tired of late and you think it might be time for a refresh, these latest trends and ideas in dining room decor will give you plenty of inspiration to get started.

Dining room decor ideas for every home

Add interest with clever lighting

contemporary lighting

Lighting is key to creating ambience in a dining room. Minimalist lighting such as the chandelier style featuring one light immersed in an elegant design can provide brightness and sophistication to a room. For a more simplistic style, a single pendant can also achieve a sleek, minimalist look. For a contemporary and dramatic affair, think clean lines and unique shapes which will draw the eye and create a statement piece in the room. Creativity and individuality are rarely a bad thing when it comes to interior design. Choosing your own style of lighting will help set the tone and atmosphere while you dine.

  • Lighting with an eco-friendly impact has grown in popularity, with nature-inspired designs crafted from natural materials in natural colours in high demand this year.
  • Using mirrors to reflect and add brightness is another clever way to add light and create a focal point in the room. You could do this by creating a statement mirror wall, hanging mirrors in different shapes and sizes with complementing frames to create a real talking point in the room.
  • Having a range of lighting points can also help ensure you create the ideal atmosphere. Investing in dimmer switches can help you get the mood just right. Consider floor lamps or table lamps to create more intimacy and adjust brightness as you see fit.

Paint and wallpaper inspiration

The colour of your walls will immediately change the entire dining space, so it’s a good idea to choose carefully. To pick the perfect shade for your dining room, you need to consider the theme and style of the room and your home overall. You should also consider how the colour will complement your current dining room furniture or the style of the new furniture if you intend to replace it. Your personal taste will also naturally come into play. Do you want your dining room to be bold and bright or natural and warm? You should consider whether the colours you choose may become dated after a while. No one colour will suit every dining room; instead, it is about considering the kind of room you want to create and choosing your colours accordingly.

Warm, homely spaces tend to have a more neutral colour palette with beiges, yellows, peaches, creams, and browns.

Bright, playful spaces use dusty pinks, pastel tones, bright yellows and citrus hues to bring a sense of fun to the room.

Sophisticated and elegant dining rooms can be painted in sultry, dark jewel colours or cool coastal greys and blues.

Painting your walls plain isn’t your only option. If you want to add your unique sense of style to the room, you could also look at wallpaper to add texture and pattern or use stencils to create murals or abstract works of art on your walls.

Whatever colour scheme you opt for, it’s a good idea to make sure that the shades you choose complement one another and to consider your dining room furniture to ensure everything works together.

Choose furniture wisely

contemporary dining room furniture

What’s going to make the biggest impact when it comes to refreshing your dining room is choosing new furniture to go in it. The dining table is naturally the main focal point in the space, so selecting a dining table that matches your needs while also meeting your design requirements should be a top priority. You’ll need to consider the size of your space and the kind of design and overall look you are hoping to achieve. Opting for classic, timeless pieces that focus on innovative design and comfort can help ensure that you, your family, and your guests can relax around the dinner table while also dining in style. We offer a range of dining tables for those who admire understated luxury and appreciate quality design. Our dining chairs and benches are built to last and have been crafted by designers with your comfort in mind.

If you need more help choosing a dining table, read our helpful dining table buying guide.

Don’t forget about your storage

Ample storage space is essential in every room, and your dining room should be no exception. Built-in cabinets can create a warm and homely atmosphere, where you can store dinnerware and utensils. Shelving can provide opportunities to showcase your best crockery and glassware or bring in some nature with hanging or climbing plants.

Update your floors

contemporary rug on dining room floor

It can be easy to forget about the flooring when it comes to redecorating your dining space, but tired or mismatched flooring can upset the whole ambiance of the room. There is a range of dining room flooring options to choose from, and your decision will naturally be based on your other choices for the room to ensure the whole design comes together.

Carpets can add warmth and comfort to a room, while wooden flooring is timeless and elegant. Tiles come in a huge variety of colours and patterns and can add interest while being practical and easy to clean. Another way to refresh your current flooring without having to replace it entirely is to invest in a contemporary rug, which can add a statement piece to your dining space and complement your current decor.

Introduce decorative elements to add the finishing touches

contemporary decorative accessories

Once you have chosen the lighting, colour scheme, flooring, and furniture for your dining room, you can now add the final touches. Decorating your dining room with artwork, ornaments and other accessories is an opportunity to add your unique and personal style to the room and pull all the design elements together.

Choosing framed prints or other artwork for the walls can add colour and layering to the room. Adding soft furnishings such as bench cushions, rugs and tablecloths can create a warm and inviting space. Well-chosen smaller pieces to accessorise your dining room, such as candlesticks can also compliment the design of the room.

Decorating according to the seasons can be an additional way to refresh your dining room and keep it interesting. Whether you want to create a contemporary centrepiece or add a serving board, we have a range of dining room accessories to choose from.

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