The festive season is fast approaching and this means gatherings galore. Although we are incredibly excited for in-person celebrations this year, we know that organising dinner parties can be a stressful affair. Therefore, we have put together a list of ideas to guide you through creating an inviting dining table setting, and the best thing is - it neither takes a lot of effort nor breaks the bank. In this edition we are focusing on smaller gatherings, read on to get tips and tricks to style your own festive dinner party for your loved ones.

Think about the theme. A great place to start is by setting a theme for your dinner party as this can guide the colour scheme, decorations and even the menu. Think about what you already have - are there some items you know you want to use? Put them together and think about what goes well with them. Also consider your dining table - is it made of natural wood? Perhaps opt for a light table setting to complement the wood, with some pops of colour to make it stand out. A dark table can be ideal for a more moody and cosy table setting similar to what we have created here. Pinterest is a helpful tool for finding inspiration. Save everything you like and then scale it down to your favourites.

Colour combinations. Picking the colours and sticking to them is key to create a cohesive table setting that is easy on the eyes. We recommend to pick two t to three colours, as using more can easily overwhelm a smaller table. For this table setting, we selected green, blue and steel/grey to complement the black-stained Kigumi Table.

Centerpiece. Here is where you can get really creative. A centerpiece can be something eye-catching and fun that draws attention to the table. For a small table, it's a good idea to focus on one centerpiece in the middle of the table. We used a fir wreath decorated with blueberries and mistletoe to encircle three of our Industry Candlesticks in stainless steel. Natural foliage will instantly bring warmth to the table. If you feel crafty, why not forage for materials in nature and make your own? All you need to add is a metal frame, some wire and a trusty step-by-step tutorial.

Keep it simple. You don't need a lot of props to create a table setting and adding too much can make the table feel crowded. That said, if you want to go all out with glitter and garlands, who are we to stop you. One thing to bear in mind is to not block the view, the guests will want to see each other through the decorations. 

Attention to detail. It's all in the details, so why not add some personal touches. Perhaps a decoration you love, name tags or a little treat on each plate. You can also repurpose things you already own - grab some baubles that didn't make it on the tree this year. Another way to add some fun to the table is by trying some new napkin folding techniques. Get the whole family involved and see who can make the best one!

Products featured:

Kigumi Table designed by Nazanin Kamali

Narin Folding Chair designed by David Irwin

Industry Candlestick designed by Matthew Hilton