Do you want to wake up in the morning and start your day in style? Sitting at a contemporary dressing table with all your favourite beauty products to hand?

Investing in a modern dressing table designed for the bedroom can provide you with the perfect space to complete your daily beauty routine.

A dressing table can make a stylish addition to any bedroom and adds a sense of opulence and luxury to the interior. Both aesthetically pleasing and functional, dressing tables can give you extra storage as well as provide a comfortable place to sit, relax and treat getting ready at home as an indulgent experience.

There are many different dressing table styles to choose from and lots to consider before making your purchase. Here we'll explore some of the things to think about before investing in a new dressing table, as well as examine some of the most popular modern dressing table designs for the bedroom to date.

Considerations before choosing your modern dressing table design

pala dressing table side view with drawer

Pala Dressing Table in oak

Before you start browsing for your new dressing table, let's first decide where you plan to put it and measure up the space. There may be a natural space in your room where a dressing table will fit, or you may have several options to choose from. It's a good idea to position your dressing table close to a window so that you can perform your beauty routine close to natural light and be able to focus on what you are doing. If you can't do this, find the best spot so that it fits in your bedroom nicely with your current furniture and consider investing in a bright, adjustable table lamp to use as your light source. Be prepared to rearrange your bedroom furniture or move around other pieces to find the perfect spot. Finding the ideal position for your dressing table will allow you to start off each day comfortably.

Measuring your space will also inform you if there are any limitations in choosing the size of your dressing table. Other important things to consider before you buy, will be the storage space and surface space it provides. Having one or two drawers built into the dressing table can be useful, especially if you use a good number of products. You'll also be able to think about what you want to keep on the table's surface to ensure your dressing table remains organised and clutter free. Though you may wish to place lamps to provide extra lighting, mirrors to help you see what you are doing, or any other beauty items you want close to hand.

Once you have considered the more practical aspects of your dressing table purchase, you can go on to discover which designs best suit your taste and complement your current bedroom furniture.

Contemporary dressing tables

pala dressing table

Contemporary dressing tables are a popular choice and naturally can incorporate many different types of design. Modern dressing tables can reinvent old designs or styles from a different era, updating them to create a fresh new look. However, generally speaking, clean, simple lines, little decoration and light colours create a contemporary look and an elegant finish.

Minimalist dressing tables

pala dressing table

Minimalist furniture is all about creating something that looks stylish and sleek without any fuss. Minimalist dressing tables are simply designed and will be devoid of decoration or any unnecessary details. They will be perfectly proportioned, offered in a variety of neutral colours and delicate shades with a focus on functionality above all else.

Corner dressing tables

Corner dressing table designs are ideal for those who want the luxury of a dressing table without it becoming the focal point or taking up too much space in the room. A corner dressing table will fit neatly into the room's corner, occupying a minimal area of the floor while providing you with a comfortable place to sit and get ready. Corner dressing tables can still offer generous storage but can be tucked away so that your bedroom feels light and airy.

Space-saving dressing tables

pala dressing table with open drawer storage

Another great option if you are tight on space but still have your heart set on a dressing table, is a space-saving dressing table. Space-saving dressing tables continue to offer the best in contemporary design but have been thoughtfully put together to take up less room while still providing comfort and storage so you can get ready in style. The characteristics of space-saving dressing tables are that they are taller and narrower, so they take up less floor space but still offer you lots of storage to house your essential beauty products and other belongings.

Colourful dressing tables

If you want to add a splash of colour into your bedroom and draw the eye towards your new furniture piece, why not opt for a colourful or uniquely patterned dressing table design? A pop of colour can brighten up the room and create a modern, youthful look. Contrasting your dressing table with the colour scheme of other furniture and decor will make it stand out and add a sense of expression to the bedroom interior.

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celine desk

Celine Desk in black stain

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