'Tis the season for family feasts and dinners with friends. To help you get organised, we have put together a list of ideas and suggestions for a successful Christmas table setting. 

Atmosphere. Deciding what atmosphere you would like is good place to start. Do you want it to be a fun and loud Christmas? Or a more pared back and calm evening? Set the tone with the table setting, lighting and music. Turn off the ceiling lamp and light some candles for a cosy atmosphere. For a more lavish celebration, add pops of colour, fun decorations, crackers and slightly brighter lighting.

Merry and bright. For this table setting, we wanted a festive yet intimate theme. By combining red, burnt orange and gold/brass we achieved a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Opting for a less traditional colour scheme can make your table feel more contemporary and fresh while bringing your personality to it.

Create some drama. We used no less than eight Industry Candlesticks in brass to create a dramatic and cosy effect. As this is a larger table, we decided to spread out the decorations across the length of the table rather than focusing on one centerpiece. This is a way to create several focal points and it adds a modern twist without making the table feel cluttered. 

Highs and lows. Playing with variety in height of your decorations will give an interesting look to your table. We combined the Industry Candlesticks with some red berry branches for a pop of colour. 

Fruits and berries. We love adding dried fruit to any festive table. They smell amazing and will last for years. Why not make your own - they are easy to dry in the oven and look great as table decorations, on the mantlepiece or even hanging from the Christmas tree.