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“The specially curated collection includes Robin Day’s reissued ‘675’ chair – a design that is as iconic today as when it was first created in 1952.”

“British company Case Furniture makes contemporary pieces that are built to last. The Cross extending dining table, designed by Matthew Hilton, typifies its skilful melding of style of style and practicality.”

“[An] example of versatility is [Matthew] Hilton’s spacious Theo sofa. Sitting in Case’s showroom, the temptation to leap onto a caramel coloured Theo and sink into a satisfied snooze nestled in the soft leather is overwhelming.”

“[Paul] Newman’s understanding of the international market and of manufacturing techniques worldwide brings both competence and rigour to the Case brand.”

“The table is a perfect example of the designer’s talents, with its winning combination of a pleasing profile, finely balanced proportion, good value and practicality.”

“Vibrant and modern, the Vitrina tall cabinet is is sure to be a talking point”

“the Mantis Desk does successfully blend in as a simple, modern workspace by hiding all manner of cables and providing just enough space for notes and office supplies. In multiples or alone, this desk would do well in keeping your officemates- or just you- organised and on task.”

“a man’s desk is his life. It might be the most intimate piece of furniture in the house [and] that’s why finding the right desk is so important. The Celine Desk is for a special breed. Look more closely at its form: a series of hard rectangles on top, with curved, slanting legs below. Designer Nazanin Kamali has crafted a paean to the mid-century modern aesthetic, a desk that would be as at home in a Frank Lloyd Wright house as in a modern condo. One thing’s for sure, though: sixty years from now, it’s bound to look just as good as it does now.”

“Being a pioneer of new materials and processes, Robin Day utilised the tensile strength and visual lightness of formed ply, making a one-piece back and arm component the chair’s most characteristic feature. Case has launched the latest endorsed and licensed chair which sensitively reflects the original 1952 design.”

“Designed by the Mexico-based Hierve Design Consultancy, the Vitrina cabinet has been presented as a striking combination of display cabinet and shelving unit. Constructed from solid oak, painted MDF and glass, the Vitrina cabinet features bold colour schemes in its design.”

“Offering exquisite furniture from top designers including Matthew Hilton, Shin Azumi and Robin Day, Case Furniture is a brand to covet.”

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