Hierve is a boutique design consultancy based in Mexico City and London.

The firm was established in 1999 by Alejandro Villarreal, with the purpose of serving society through high quality projects in architecture, product design, visual arts and service design.

At the core of their belief system is the underlying idea that creativity should not serve itself, but should serve society as a whole.

To Ignite, explode, stretch, bend, shape, bounce, suck, caress, open, connect, expand and liberate creativity.

With the ultimate aim of inducing it into the world, to bring about some change, improvement, benefit, evolution and liberation.

The company is small and it has a global approach. Hierve team up with highly qualified professionals who bring up their talent from Mexico City (Mexico), London (UK), Boulder (USA), Sofia (Bulgaria), Munich (Germany), etc.

Since the beginning the company has looked at finding a balance between efficiency and artistic thrive, between practicality and creative insight. They believe that a high level of creativity can be achieved alongside a high level of efficiency and business sense.

Products by Hierve Design Consultancy