Vitrina Small Sideboard
Vitrina Small Sideboard

Hierve is a boutique design consultancy based in Mexico City and London.

The firm was established in 1999 by Alejandro Villarreal, with the purpose of serving society through high quality projects in architecture, product design, visual arts and service design.

At the core of their belief system is the underlying idea that creativity should not serve itself, but should serve society as a whole.

To Ignite, explode, stretch, bend, shape, bounce, suck, caress, open, connect, expand and liberate creativity.

With the ultimate aim of inducing it into the world, to bring about some change, improvement, benefit, evolution and liberation.

The company is small and it has a global approach. Hierve team up with highly qualified professionals who bring up their talent from Mexico City (Mexico), London (UK), Boulder (USA), Sofia (Bulgaria), Munich (Germany), etc.

Since the beginning the company has looked at finding a balance between efficiency and artistic thrive, between practicality and creative insight. They believe that a high level of creativity can be achieved alongside a high level of efficiency and business sense.

Since Hierve do not believe in the exclusivity of creativity, they develop projects for any people, in any place and with any level of resources. They are equally excited to work with the private sector than with NGOs, with individual clients than with corporate clients, with commercial projects than with projects with social connotations.

When developing a project Hierve open themselves up to the past, to history. They believe there is a great amount of information in past achievements and efforts. However they also open themselves up to innovation, to new insights and ideas that can bring up something good an useful. At the same time we believe that each project should be unique, it should emerge from its own specific conditions and requirements. We take the time to listen, to research, to understand and to develop, and in doing so, we let each project get its own language and personality.

One of their top priorities is to develop a sense of intimacy with each project that Hierve make. Each project is developed exhaustively with utmost precision and attention to detail. That’s why they work with a small number of simultaneous projects, and opt for small to medium scale projects. Hierve believe their creative endeavour more as a craft, as an constant learning process done with passion, attention, care and respect. As a painstaking process that needs time to refine itself, to become its best possible outcome.

They use many different tools throughout the creative process and feel comfortable with both traditional techniques and state of the art technologies. Hierve feel the same passion for a hand drawn sketch than for a computer generated drawing, by a hand made scale model than by the use of Building Information Modelling and Rapid Prototyping technologies.

They believe that the creative process should be a cooperative and open one, in which every exchange, by every participant, should enrich the process itself and its final outcome. Hierve promote constant interaction and discussions not just with their clients, but with their co-workers, design specialists, builders, manufacturers, marketing team, etc.

Finally, all their efforts and all their creative energy are driven by a single purpose, by a single motivation: to bring well being to people. At the core of their aspirations is that everyone who experiences one of their projects can feel uplifted and enhanced as a human being.

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Design consultancy / architectural practise

London Design Festival 2012

Celebrating the successful launch of the “Ropero”, Hierve showcased amongst top international brands, only this time with a fashionable twist. When Hierve and “One of Britain’s Best Dressed Men,” Matthew Zorpas worlds collided, an unusual exhibition space became the backdrop for a synergic statement.

As the Ropero was envisioned to showcase one’s beautiful clothes and accessories, Hierve invited Matthew Zorpas, founder of, to make of the “Ropero” his own living wardrobe, reflecting his charm and refined fashion sense. Visitors got to experience something special at Designjunction.

Once a day the Ropero became Matthew’s own living piece of furniture, showing the display possibilities and versatility of the system.


Ropero, which translates to “wardrobe” in Spanish, is a modular freestanding wardrobe system that represents a spark of spontaneous ingenuity to blend both the traditional wardrobe and glass cabinet motifs – giving birth to a practical and flexible solution that creatively addresses contemporary needs for clothes storage.

Offering a wide range of possible configurations, colour combinations, lighting effects and reflections, Ropero enriches the visual experience of the interior space by lending to its expressive design a viable functionality as a storage area.

Comprising a series of stackable modules and bases that can be freely arranged according to the client’s whims and needs, this design breathes strong personality and allows it to take on a lively character of its own. Depending on the storage needs, space constraints and financial possibilities of each client, these modules and bases may be configured to taste.

The modules are fully customisable – this means that clients are open to choices: any colour from the Pantone spectrum for the inner MDF structure, any type of solid wood as well as a choice of mirrors or glass for the outer frame. We are happy to help any client in need of a tailor made solution for his or her needs.

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