Bill Amberg founded the studio that bears his name over 20 years ago now. Today this is as much an artisans’ collective as a thriving company offering high-end services.

The studio’s endeavours range from architectural services for much-valued corporate and private clients, to interior leather bespoke work, and signature accessories. The studio harnesses the best of one of nature’s most versatile and adaptable resources with an unrivalled creativity in a host of different ways.

Over the last three decades, collaborations with the likes of Aston Martin, Penguin, Donna Karan, Suntory and Alfred Dunhill, and at landmark sites such as the Shard, Stamford Bridge, Burberry in Milan, Tomorrow Land in Japan, and Selfridges has seen Bill Amberg and his studio’s work feature globally.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Bill Amberg says "People's reference points for leather are car interiors and crappy sofas, but there's so much more you can do with it as a material," he explains, animatedly. "It's got lots of odd characteristics—its acoustics are fantastic, so on floors and walls it completely changes a dining room or a library. It's also very warm. It even has medical benefits—we once did a leather floor for a boy who had bad asthma because it’s dust-free!"

Products by Bill Amberg