During 2020 the dining table has been transformed to one of the most used pieces of furniture at home. From work desk to home schooling station, and back to dining for family mealtimes, the dining table is the beating heart of your home and therefore should be an investment that you need to choose wisely. When purchasing a dining table, we recommend that you look for its functionality, a timeless style and great quality to ensure that it will last a lifetime. To help you make the right decision, we have put together a few things to consider when deciding what dining table to buy.


Table Size

When searching for what dining table to buy, you will want to start by measuring the length and width of where the dining table will be placed. Keep these dimensions in mind and ensure you leave enough space around the perimeter of the table to ensure you have enough room for manoeuvring chairs around, without making the space feeling cramped – especially if the table is going to be placed close to a wall. We recommend that you leave approx. 100-120cm between the edge of your dining table and the wall, which should give you around 40-60cm behind you when you are seated, depending on your chairs. We do recommend mocking up your potential new dining table with magazines, tape, or cardboard on the floor to help you visualise which size and shape works best for your space.


Table Shape

At Case we offer round, square and rectangular tables to fit all your needs. Round dining tables are ideal for socialising and maximising your space, whereas rectangular tables often offer more seating and square tables gives you a spacious tabletop. If you are short on space but love to host and entertain, we recommend our smaller extending tables, such as the Bridge Extending Table, Dulwich Extending Table, and the Dulwich Round Table. These tables start of with a smaller footprint and can be extended to a larger tabletop to make room for more people. The small version of the Bridge Extending Table designed by Matthew Hilton starts off with a square table top with rounded corners and transforms into a rectangular dining table when inserting the extending leaf, offering a functional table that can seat up to 6 people. If a round table is better suited to your dining space, our Dulwich Round Extending Table is ideal. Designed by award-winning designer Matthew Hilton, it features mitred joints, visible through-tenons in the legs and exquisite proportions that all speak to its quality. The table seats between 4-6 people. The shape of the table starts as a circular and when extended transforms into an elegant oval shape. The table leaf is stored neatly underneath the tabletop and can easily be extended by simply pulling the leather handle to slide the extension leaf into place.

 If you have a large family or host dinner parties often, the Cross Extending Table is the one for you. The contemporary design is a fine example of Matthew Hilton’s innovative approach to wood furniture design and signature minimal aesthetic. Constructed from a solid wood base and a solid edge veneered top, the table seats from 6-14 people. The table starts a 2m and goes to 2.5m with one leaf inserted and 3m with two leaves inserted. Both leaves are stored in a concealed compartment underneath the tabletop. This well-made table is built to last and to be a cherished gathering point for your family. 


Picking the perfect selection of dining chairs to go with your desired table is the next thing to consider when purchasing a dining table. The chairs should offer comfort and be as durable and long lasting as the table. To ensure that the chairs offers you enough comfort, you should look for seat pads that are deep enough to support the entire thigh and be at least 45-55cm wide. Most dining table are around 75cm high, which means that the seat height of your chairs should be in the region of 43-48cm. When deciding on how many chairs to partner with your rectangular dining table, we recommend leaving a 10-15cm gap between each chair to ensure there is enough room and easy accessibility for everyone. Mixing chairs around the table can add a sense of style and sophistication when done right. Our award-winning 675 Chair looks striking either on its own or as heads of the table, mixing our Loku or Profile chairs round the centre of the table. Alternatively, for smaller tables, four 675 Chairs surrounding it can give your table a powerful and structured look. Lastly, you will want to consider additional features such as backrests, armrests and whether the chairs should be able to stack and/or fold. For longer hours of seating, a comfortable backrest and armrests are generally welcoming features. Stacking or folding chairs are a great feature to consider for spare chairs that only comes out when extra guests are arriving. The Profile Chair designed by Matthew Hilton, is a stackable dining chair crafted from solid timber. This well-proportioned chair features a soft upholstered leather seat pad, splayed legs and a recessed back which ensures it is extremely comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time.

For those short on space, the Narin Folding Chair is as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as a normal dining chair but can be folded and tucked away when not in use.


Pairing a rug with a dining table can often be difficult to get right but these few simple tips will ensure you get it right… The easiest approach to rugs under dining tables is to get them both in the same shape. If you are going for a rectangular dining table then opt for a rectangular shaped rug, and if you are going for a round table you should go for a round rug. Measure your table and add around 50cm to each side to get your desired rug size, ensuring that both the dining table and chairs are completely on the rug, which will make your space look bigger and more open. As a rule of thumb, the dining chairs should be on the rug, even when they are pulled out from the table. For area rugs underneath your dining table, we would advise to steer away from pure whites and cream colours, unless they are patterned, as these colourways will make dirt show more. Our wool rugs are all patterned allowing them to sit nicely under a dining table without showing dirt easily. For easy cleaning we also offer the Spindle Rug in recycled polyester, making them perfect to sustain family life, as they can be hosed down for easy cleaning.