In contemporary spaces, lighting can become more than a functional source of light. Instead, as shown by respected designers, lighting can combine with art to create aesthetic effects that change the very way in which we experience and view the spaces we all live and work in. All that’s needed to take a light from nothing more than a light source to something that can change a space and how it’s viewed is a bit of creativity. There are plenty of designers out there willing to break the rules, and it means there are new and interesting applications for lighting emerging all the time. From installation artists to interior design companies; there are so many people experimenting with new ways to use light as art. In terms of contemporary interior design, light is changing the landscape like never before. There are new innovations, and bulbs are more versatile than ever before. All this does is give more power to the creative people coming up with ways to make better use of lighting. Here are some just some examples of how light is being used as an extension of art in interior designs and galleries.


LED Lighting Wall Art

One of the most obvious examples of how lighting is having an impact on the art world is the LED wall art that we so much of at the moment. It’s often used in homes, businesses and other buildings. But these LED lighting breakthroughs were largely initiated by artists looking for ways to try new things and push in new directions. LED lights combined with sculpted shapes play with the way in which light is cast upon the wall, creating something beyond the light and shape themselves. For example, Set LED wall art by Vibia shows us how LED lighting can be blocked and directed in all sorts of ways to create shapes and patterns of light that we’ve never seen before. The overall impact this has on the interior design of the space is impressive; it simply can’t be ignored, and that’s exactly the impact most people want.

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